In Scattering

by Catherinebutterfly

As I am persevering in scattering God's Word,
most of my life this meeting Him I have done,
I know that Salvation is not something that you
nor I can earn.
These things I have learned by leaning on
the Father's everlasting arms. 
I trust these seeds will not return to Him void 
but will touch  and deliver many a life and heart,
as I am one seeking God's own heart
I must believe that the seeds I plant  will accomplish
His good purposes, which I profess
yet I must say I  do not always understand
what the Father have in hand,
because God's ways are higher than my ways
and His thoughts higher than my thoughts.
But my effort of righteousness I know He's blessing right now.

In Scattering by Catherinebutterfly

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