by Catherinebutterfly

I'll tell you about Salvation
I 'd made it as clear as I can
How God sent His Jesus in the form of a man
I'll tell you about Salvation
I tell you how God sent His only Son
that we might have life
I'll tell you how His Son die after 33 years
of walking this Earth
I'll tell you how He never watch a woman give birth
to His seed in the flesh
I'll tell you how He came to clean up our mess
Yes I'll tell you how He was not allow a fleshly wife
as He didn't have that kind of time, for He came to
save our lives
I'll tell you how He didn't come to Earth
to touch or taste the blessing that He died for.
Then I'll tell you a Christian doctrine of salvation would be
The Words made clear here as it says to me
Taking from the Word of the Good Book this day
I take from the it's pages as it say,
“The deliverance, by the grace of God",
as He broke His Own Heart
leaving His son to die
clearing us from eternal punishment for sin
that Father Adam placed us in,
God granted to those who accept by faith
His conditions of repentance and faith
in the Lord Jesus Christ.” Who gave His life
that we might live and not die,
God is not a man that He would lie.
Salvation is available in Jesus alone
and is dependent on God alone for
provision, assurance, and security.
These things Salvation gives to you and me
Salvation is Wonderful and Jesus made it Free.

Salvation by Catherinebutterfly

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