A Letter to Rosa (Two)

by Catherinebutterfly

Thank you Rosa we reach a vision now it's time to move on.
We've stopped at the front of the bus to long.
We are still a division making foolish decisions
Our people are failing, and needs to make
More wise worthwhile decisions.
Cause more and more we are becoming a division.

As a people, we didn't have a vision beyond the front of the bus.
Then you came and protested, Tired of taking the back seat
Tired of standing on your feet. Tired of feeling all used up and cheap
You believed, and we received. Another door opened, yet another door still
The same. The Truth of Freedom still haven't lodged into my people brains. 
God blessed our people once again, 
we did grow but we are still a mess we're moving so, so slow.

Last Sunday I stood in Church, I looked around Rosa
And my spirit fails down. The Holy Ghost, they say was in the Room
As they dance laughed and shouted. But I couldn't move
Once more I felt so confused.
So lonely, So blue, So alone
I wanted to scream, I want to say all that was in my head
Stop, stop is it truly God? Is it He that you praise, dance and shout about?

As I sat my spirit grieved. These folks were being deceived.
But I sat there, and I cried, I shook from head to toe
As they danced around the room to what they called dancing in
The spirit ordains by the Holy Ghost, 
my heart did ache, got up and moved to the back 
of that Big Beautiful building that called God's Church.
But my God just wasn't there. I could hear him whispering from within
Get up, separate your self from all this ugliness and sin.

Well Rosa this have truly nothing to do with you. I just want to share it
To someone that'll understand. How it feels to make it to the top
Only to be stopped by a bunch of their folks, who just don't know, 
and you can't tell a thing. Some of us are some sorry excuse for human beings.
We know that we know what we know isn't the truth at all.

Before I forget I want you to know
I give God the Praise for you, Dr. King, Dr. Bevel, Rev. Jackson, 
Carmichael and so many more who worked hard to
Opened that door I remember so well the Civil Right Movement
But how much have we moved since?

When I listen during Black History month
it sometimes finds me crying.
Oh my sister inside I feel like I am dying.

See Rosa, we almost, should have stayed in the back
As long as we were in the struggle; we always had a vision for the front
It wasn't until we came to the front of the bus 
that we became settled with having a front seat. 
All this is sweet, the color folks taking the front seat.
But we still don't have anything
Choices we now have, we've misused, we've abused. 
Did you ever ride the bus in this age, with this generation? 
They fight to sit in the back. Seems like they can't get pass that. 
Taking back seats that is.

Oh dear first mother you all fought well, 
you fought so hard, you won, 
made history a great testimony and promise kept by God.

We still don't have anything. Like King said "I too had a dream"
We should own a bus by now, at least one or two.
Not used but brand sparkling new.
We should have envisioned manufacturing our own buses.
A few of us still do

I use to dream dear Rosa of our people becoming producers;
The image of God is to produce.
Not to abuse, misuse, or serve jail time, we are to create life not crime
My dear Rosa we were born to serve man kind but not as slaves

Jesus the greatest slave owner in the universe Die for us,
Hung on a tree, set us Free. Went down to Hell, Took the key from Satan
Made us princes and princesses, true children of God, 
little gods Rosa and daily we break His heart. 
The only thing we have produces is more and more means of betraying God.
Made in the image of God, injected with the seeds of Satan, 
planted within our hearts, brain washed about the truth of God we can't grow, 
we don't grow, and we truly think we know the Purpose and the mind of God.

I find it hard to participate in Black history these days. 
One day my people will be free and realizes they're no longer slaves. 
They'll know what it truly means to be free, 
until my people realize that Jesus came, 
He truly came, He's already saved us, 
and He's set us free our people Rosa will never be free. 
They must believe. They must know they have truly Received. 
God's kept His Word, He sent us Love. 
We've got to let go of all these lies 
one of them Rosa is fifth generation see it only comes with a cause. 
It belongs to all man kind, Our people Dear Rosa, needs a deep cleaning, 
a born again experience, of dying to the world and all they know, 
letting go of bitterness, un forgiveness, 
and only then can they receive the Heart of God.

Well I thank you for listening, one day maybe you and I will meet.
Maybe we might even sit on the same seat on the bus, at a table as we dine
But know Rosa if my letter ever gets to you. Know I love you, admire you
I appreciate you, and all you did for our kind...

A Letter to Rosa (Two) by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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