The Road I Traveled

by Catherine Whitehead

Conscious of it or not, I was going somewhere, life was taking me somewhere. Not just anywhere, but somewhere before I leave this old house. I promised myself, I would find out where my comfort zone was at, before I get to the end of my time, as I traveled alone the highways and byways before me, I knew if I just applied my best I would be able to look back on my journey with satisfaction and fulfillment without a sense of shame and loss. As a young woman I decreed that I was going to be m own boss. And so I did just that.

As I moved full speed on the road before me, I found myself traveling tasting, seeing, touching and tasting more and more, as the beauty of Godís Creation surrounded me, bringing fore the lovely and not so lovely things on the road before me, around me, in front of me and besides me I learned to appreciate all Godís creation that He created for me. All these things I learned that God created one way of the other was for me.

The more I lived, the more I learned, offering blessings unto my God was the right thing to do, before I took of anything that pulled me or caught my attention in any direction other than that which I started out to do. I met many who felt their life wasnít worth a thing, never finding themselves worthy, they never took time to examine it, so they never learned to appreciate it. I watched them as they drunk it, smoked it and partied their life away.

Yes I watched so many of my associates, acquaintances as well as family and friends throw their lives away. An unexamined life is not worth living my Papa said. Alive dog is better then a dead lion these never forget, and so I challenge to travel the road that I found that provided me with much to consider and do... But before I do anything I give God the Praise after I pray and ask Him is this what He want me to do.

The Road I Traveled by Catherine Whitehead

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