Prosperity Pimp Part 4

by Catherinebutterfly

Why didn’t God command the Prosperity Pimps 
to deliver that child? 
To touch lay hands on them, bless them, 
pray for them, heal them, 
and Deliver the message unto the warden, 
the review board
Judges, lawyers, and jury too, 
release them, and let them go
Prosperity Pimps
Times coming to and End
Life for them will soon begin.
While those confine, Time is served
Poor Prosperity Pimps
Not exempted 
Time living within hell for them is about to begin.
No longer will our sick stay sick, 
our starving babies you’d
Get their milk money; 
no longer will they sit in the cold
By that old stove. 
No more listening to the dreadful sound 
of the fire engine as it rushes by 
to save that one sitting by the stove to keep warm. 
No more lying and double dealing will you do.
At the strike of twelve all Prosperity Pimps will be through.
Our love ones will be released our boys and girls
Men and women will be free, even our enemy
Partiers, fornicators, thieving liars.
But ask them to visit the department of correction
You think you asked them to take on an infection.
Here’s where you’d get your major rejection.
Here is where the truth’s revealed
God only sends them as far as your pockets or purse
I digress
The worlds in a mess
Prosperity Pimps
They’re worldly blessed
You gave, they took
Riding around in fine cars
Winters camps
While you walk, they ride in your cars
Working hard to earn your pay
Then to them you give it away
Rents not paid
Children at home
Still you gave your hard earned money
After working at some man’s job like a slave
You gave to them
While your own sit in the cold
Trying to keep warm by the kitchen stove
Prosperity Pimps
Blinded you,
Stripped you mindless
Left you penniless
Situation’s still the same
Walk up to them today
And they still won’t know your name
Call them on the telephone
Take a number they might get back
From you they only want your pay check
Prosperity Pimps
Buy the truth for get it not
Great teachers, great preachers
Truth seekers, eternity in hell
Prosperity Pimps
My mother called them Imps
Winning the heart is something they tempt.
When the cash runs out and the purses are empted
Your time isn’t up
Stamped you not exempted
It’s time to serve
Come on in, all of you Prosperity Pimps.

Prosperity Pimp Part 4 by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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