Going To The Prom!

by Catherinebutterfly

Have a GREAT time at your Prom.

Enjoy this special event in your life.

However, never forget that you are

A son or daughter of the Lord Jesus Christ

You are the "light of this world,"

The "salt of the earth. As a child of God,

You are the HEAD, not the tail!


We are called to live UP to the standards of God,

Not DOWN to the standards of this world.

Now go and enjoy at your prom!

It's your day,

But do not forget what the Good Book say.

You can have a great time without drinking,

Without doing drugs and without engaging in sex

You have your entire life ahead of you,

Don't listen to the lies of satan as he whispers in your ear.  

Never forget, to the Lord you are very dear

Drinking and smoking will leave you not thinking

And you will find yourself sinking

And your lives can change with a moment of blinking.


Remember as you step out your door

With your handsome and beautiful selves

Wearing your find clothes and nice cars

Jesus goal for you in John chapter 10,

You've come too far to turn to sin.


That ole devil's job is to Steal, KILL, and DESTROY

Age is no barer be you a young girl or boy...

So just you think, you've made it almost out of your teens,

So after you that devil is gonna be very mean

This is a special occasion in your life

As you've Made Mom, Dad, and Jesus Christ proud of you,

Stand strong and lean not on your own understanding

Rebuke that ole devil by demanding he leaves you alone

Christ you've made the head of your life

He's watching you with a warm heart and smile!

Your life can change in a spilt second.

With a foolish move, emotions and desire

Life for you can change in the blinking of an eye


Young people make your night a night you're never forget.

You've earned it with hard work as you have put forward your best. 

This night is yours, you deserve to enjoy.

Walk into that Prom with a trusting, blessed girl or boy.

Tonight make the devil a lie.

Tell him you are going to live and will not die

Going To The Prom! by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2009. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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