by Catherinebutterfly

What is more valuable than rubies, silver and gold
nothing is more beautiful than a wise beautiful old soul
What is more valuable than rubies, silver and gold?
Some say wisdom,
Some say beauty
But when we combine the two
Mama I keep getting you.
Many tell me that the answer is "wisdom."
For Wisdom is something that nobody can steal.
Wisdom is something that continues to grow
And develop in the mind of the seeker.
But they don't know you mama
Wisdom is You my Mama
Wisdom surrounds you,
Wisdom impounds you
Wisdom keeps you
Wisdom enfolds you
and just shines all over you
I have gathered a touch of your wisdom
as I have grown older
Wisdom you have gathered from others
Wisdom from the experiences of your life.
now as I grow and experience for myself I am learning
That your wisdom, knowledge and experience is priceless
with out them life is almost useless
Wisdom truly changes us
Wisdom makes our lives far richer
Wisdom makes our lives more fulfilling
than the most priceless bauble we'd ever know.
And with all this wisdom, knowledge and understanding
when we are filled with the precious Holy Ghost
our lives we label as priceless
Thank you for teaching me
There is no way we can sit around idless.
with such priceless love within us
I thank God for You my priceless Mama
The opportunities to gain wisdom never cease.
the more we enfold life the more wisdom increase
as God intended it to be.
The beauty of being human amazes me
as I grow more like the Father everyday
from the teaching  He's taught you
and guide you every day
I thank You for Your teaching me Mama
and so I must say
I take out the time to praise Him
Glorified Him and Thank Him for all His amazing
Sufficient, Merciful, Grace everyday of my life and
Your life..
Made in His image I am
Looking like You I do
Although our bodies are growing older
And You my beautiful, priceless mama and
my mind has become more feeble, with time. 
I know that the wisdom God blessed me with
my Mama You fed me with
And life taught me with
My mind continue to gather and store wisdom
well into my old age as You my aging mama and God
the Father has shown me.
As Mama grows old so gracefully.
My Mama have taught me well
and so here I am
Praising God for the aged who have treasured
this invaluable asset called wisdom
are worth their weight in gold!
Lord keep me growing in wisdom, understanding and knowledge
as I enjoy the experience.

Priceless by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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