Preachers and Politics (Three)

by Catherinebutterfly

Preaching, preacher, pastors and politics
my folks says it's does not mix
but I know that's one of the devil trips
Lard comes by here, I heard them say.
He came but they didnít hear 
All brain washed. All stupidified, all filled with lies. 
Didnít stop at four hundred years. 
Love your enemy as yourself not the word of Jesus 
Not what he said. 
He said resist him, flee from him, 
Pray not to me for him. *
Satanís first goal in keeping the preacher
Out of politic is to keep our people blind.
From all truth.
His job in all of this was to destroy us as a people. 
Keeping us to do what he wants us too.
Our job is to expose him for what he is. 
The father of lies our folks didnítí do it then
And ainít exposing him now. 
Instead they all run to the church on Sunday 
Crying Lard donít pass us by. 
They sing that slave song almost everywhere. 
Ainít heard a thing the Truth said. 
Cause the Lord ainít ever left us
We block him with our stupidity and 
Misunderstanding of the Word of Truth. 
We have yet to learn the truth and what to do.

Professing Christians I hear them say
Yet daily they throw the Truth away.
Come by here Lard, come by here

I never understood this and never will.
The Lord lives within me, you and them
If they know him, if they will allow him,
The Lord doesnítí force his will,
Never have and never will. 
Listening to them they donít even know him.
Don't even respect him, believe him, fooling
themselves they leave this world never truly 
embracing him. partly because of preaching 
preachers afraid of politics.

Preachers and Politics (Three) by Catherinebutterfly

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