What Did Jesus Preach? Two

by Catherinebutterfly

As He delivered His message

Ears opened and eyes cleared

His followers rose without a problem at all

They heard the voice of the Master

They heard their names being called.

It was time to believe His message

It was time to prepare for

The soon coming kingdom of God.

As Jesus taught,

God sat watching from across the way

As Jesus spoke of the Great Day..


The people was hard of hearing

And paid Him no never mind

So many came before Him but

They thought He to was lying.


What was it that Jesus taught?


It was time man acknowledge that all had sinned

And fallen below the glory of God.

Transgressed the Ten Commandments, Godís law.

Express sorrow, and repugnance at manís sin.

All the ugliness done by the working of men

It was now time for the foolishness to end.

What Did Jesus Preach? Two by Catherinebutterfly

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