Poverty in the Ghetto

by Catherinebutterfly

Poverty is relative and definitions vary, in the Ghetto
but demographers estimate that one quarter of
the world's population lives in poverty. In the Ghetto
without divine help they may never be able to
escape poverty, urban or rural from the Ghetto
Jesus understood this when he said long ago
"For the poor you have with you always" John 12:8,
Jesus perceived that humanity's civilization as
a whole would result in poverty amid walth. a holding
place, a place of survivals would always have a Ghetto
He knew poverty would still plague modern society
despite the best efforts of human government.
As the rich would get richer and the poor would get poor
down here in proverty within the Ghetto.
Once poor always poor?
In the Ghetto?

Poverty in the Ghetto by Catherinebutterfly

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