by Catherinebutterfly

dedication to my sister Delore

I am no dope head

I am no pill head

I am alive
so I am not dead
But had I not listen to my medicine
I would have been
One of the worst of addictic
Because I would have been an OxyContin
vicoden Head.
because of its use folks would have said
by it I was misled.
Untrue, untrue my dear one
I have not been deceive
I used it on my own
And it all most took me to my knees
But one morning when I woke up
I knew it's use was wrong.
That morning I refused it
I barely got alone
I made it threw the day
As it taught me how to pray.
And since that day my sister
Oxycotin from it I stay away.
For some it might be okay.
The following is what I have to say.

OxyContin was my answer

it took away my pain

at the time I didn't know

it was messing with my brain.

Folks call it "hillbilly heroin,

the abuse of this prescription pill

did so many things for me

When I lost my lover Bill

designed to alleviate severe pain

the single greatest drug ever known

it did it's job very well

but it left me hooked and at home

OxyContin is extremely hot.

It's used a lot

For the young,
For the old
It soozes the hurting soul.
If you want to  complain about it
I can only say leave it alone
deceiving yourself to beleive it's
what you need is your idea alone.
A deceiver is the one thing it is not.
It explains itself from the beginning
It does not deceive,
It's only intention is to please
but if wrongfully used
it will bring it  uses to their knees
There's an energy around it.
I can't explain it
There's also power in it
If you rightfully use it.
But I know it by another name.
I used it unshamefully
I used it daily
I used it because it helped me
Make it throught the day
But one day it spoke to me
and said Girl this isn't the way.
Fears are mounting with it's use
Fellows on the streets are over using
They foolishly are mixing it
while they are smoking and boozing
The incentive for dealers is great.
make no mistake
The more potent pills the more higher
the need.
the more they enjoy
the more they are destoryed
Dealers does not care or does not realize
the danger in their hands
If they did I am sure they wouldn't sell it to No man,
Unlike cocaine or heroin,
The maker of OxyContin, 
The drug remains a valuable tool
In managing pain medically.
if not misused by fools

Misuse of it hooks and kills
it's victims like it did my lover Bill.
It killed his pain for a little while
then it allowed him down the road
to go on in shame.
OxyContin, vicodin known by many names.
It is just what it is. 
A pill to kill varies types of pain.
And if you think you can misuse it
Sister it will call you by your name
OxyContin will always be the same.

OxyContin! by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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