Out Of Africa They Will Come

by Catherinebutterfly

Out of Africa they will come.
Out of the East they will come
Not one but many
but they will come
Men and women will come forth with a word to the nation
Flowing from their lips in heavenly conversation.
Out of the east, God will raise up major prophetic voices 
Into the body of Christ they will come.
Phenomenal miracles will take place
Hurting hearts and lives will be healed and saved
And there will be no distinction as color or race
For the love of God have not a face.
Men finding articles not able to explain.
New diseases will ravage man's brain 
As lack of control and love with drive them insane.
Leaders will be brought out of the closets exposing their shame
Many will take to guns and blow out their own brains.
A change will come to the eastern portion of Africa
Including climate changes
The soil and barren land will become fruitful
Out of the East will come not one but many changes
As the earth will give birth to prosperity
And those in slaves will be made free.
Out of the east coast of Africa will come some of 
The strongest leaders, ever to tilt the earth
So many of them mothers are yet to bring forth in birth
But in generations to come, their voices will be heard 
Concerning the Word of God and Is Awesome Love
As of this day the birthing have started
Writers out of East Africa will bring present day truth 
Unto the Church to all that is willing to know and do
That which God intended for them to.
The hand of the Lord will be mighty upon these writers.
As God replenish Mother Earth the Truth will be brought 
To the light. .with heavenly Love and Godly might
Out of the East they will come.
Not one but many daughters and sons of God
The numbers are many yet sinning in the body of Christ 
But these things are coming to ahead as God bring forth Eternal life
Sicknesses and sinfulness are quickly coming to an end,
The birthing has already started bringing forth godly 
and righteous women and men.
For the cup of iniquity has been filled and now is 
The time for the cup to be poured out. 
Come my people give God a Holy Shout
Donít stop now, now is the time to open your mouths.
Seeds that will detest the works of oppression are now at hand, 
And they will challenge views and systems in their day
And nothing will stop them or get in their way.
The coming of these leaders will be as I say.
Come Lord Jesus Come.

Out Of Africa They Will Come by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 1989. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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