Only One God

by Catherinebutterfly

Right or Wrong God is God

And Heíll never play with your heart

open the door and let Him in

He will cleanse you from all your sin


Absolute truth truly exists.

And it goes something like this

Life is not gray, it is black and white.

Life is either the truth, or it is a lie.

But it canít be in between


What I feel is right, you might see as wrong.

What I think is wrong, you may think is right.

Only through Christ can we see the Truth

Only trough Christ can the Truth come to the light


But as children of God a lie we are never to tell

Or to walk with or go alone

As we all know a lie is a lie that leads to hell

Invited Godís Angels will walk by our side

And the truth from a lie we can not hide

Godís Angels will truly work with us,

Protect us, and even go as far as to heal us.


We can not determine for ourselves what truth is,

For it can not and will never work
God is the only source for absolute truth

Heís the Creator and He alone.

Co-creators we might be

But God alone created you and me


He laid down the laws as He willed

And then He gave His only Son to pay our bill.

God gave us His inspired, inerrant Word.

And He did all these things with Kindness and Love

And the world hung Him upon the cross

Wanting to be their own boss

The lie was born and the truth was tossed


Only to be born again after it had been

Hung out for the world to see

The Truth got down from that tree

And to this day He yet live

Inside all that will allow Him

and are willing to believe and know

The truth from a lie

For they shalt live and never die. .


Itís in His Word where we find absolute truth

God gave each of us freewill.

Meaning we are free to believe whatever we want.

The choice is ours to make and do

But in the End the laws of God will still stand

And every man will be judge according to his own will

For Godís laws will still be first hand

What one person chooses to believe will not change

Or alter the TRUTH of God found in the Bible.

It is immutable; never changing.

God Word is the foundation,

The bedrock on which we can live our lives

To find true happiness, and joy, righteousness

And love, a true road map to living our life


Absolute truth itís the missing link

Between so many husbands and wives

Mothers and daughters, fathers and sons

Itís the glue that nit family and friends


The truth can not live with a lie,

Unless the lie is killed the truth will die

To deny the Truth is to deny God,

To deny God is a failed life

A failed life is to not know Christ


All these things we find when we seek and follow

The living Christ the Son of God who paid the price

That we might live and not die,
We are free to accept or reject what God says in His Word

But acceptance can not be with out respect, honor and love


Those rebellions to the truth of God's Word
will always dismiss the Bible as just a book of great stories

Written by men who use it for their own purposes of goods

Those who rebel against God has to deny His Word,

Even if they give appearance of concern and love

They might even do all the right things,

They might even say the things that needs to be said

But deep within so many are just living dead


To walk with God they must admit that they are wrong.

Instead of moving on walking in darkness and all alone

Trusting no one, loving no one not even themselves

Coming to an end of emptiness, bitterness and lack,

Material wealth they might have, but emotional and mental
theyíre dead

With that said I leave it alone,

Because I know there will be millions saying I am wrong,

While they know theyíre empty, lonely and dead

With demonic thoughts whispering silently within their heads,


Absolute Truth truly exists.

And the Truth many of my associates are missing

As it goes something like this

Life is not gray, it is black and white.

Life is either the truth, or it is a lie.

But it canít be in between

See God is not accepting or living in any old thing

He said what He said, and He means what He said

And He does not change by any means

Absolute Truth is God and God will always remain the Same

NO matter what name you might give Him, Heís God, not god.

One will always live while the other will be void

There will never be, can never be another God.

Only One God by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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