Once Poor, Always Poor in the Ghetto?

by Catherinebutterfly

It was after the Second World War they tell me
Once poor always poor living in the Ghetto
They tell me government focused on lifting
the standard of living for the poor people
National leaders, tried to correct past mistakes in the Ghetto
they tell me the gov created massive social welfare programs,
social minded governments created womb to tomb
benefit programs. to bless those in the Ghetto
with all their building and all their changes
they figuered
No longer need people alanguish in poverty,
but the saying is no matter what they thought,
no matter what visionaries created
or how much of a elaborate safety net.
they would create there would always be
Once poor, always poor living in the Ghetto
If someone fell below an established income,the Gov said
the individual or family would be caught by the net.
but not so living in the Ghetto
Low income families would quality
for housing and child care allowances,
medical care and unemployment benefits
student would receive a study allowance
to go to college or university
Yet poverty remains, living in the Ghetto
Living below minimum economic standards,
The poverty level yet live.
growing unemployed homeless population yet growing,
Within many third world nations, is highly inflation,
Not just in America is there a Ghetto
a single job is no longer sufficient
to provide enough money to live even in the Ghetto.
Once poor always poor up in here the Ghetto?

Once Poor, Always Poor in the Ghetto? by Catherinebutterfly

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