No More Can'ts!

by Catherinebutterfly

Honey, Please!
You need to spend more time on your knees
Donít you get tied of saying I canít?
Try saying for a chance
ďIf I canít do this,
I can do that.
Beloved, some things you cannot do Ď
If you constantly focus on your I cants,
Youíll never arrive at your I cans.
Mama, Iíve lived with me all my life
Now you sound just like my wife
Donít you know I know me by now?
I would do those things if I but knew how.
Alright come, listen if you truly want to learn
A better life is not just given
Itís something you have to earn
So let us change you attitude
Let us take you through a quick stage of
Godly and positive attitudes
If you canít move then write,
If you canít walk then talk,
If you canít see then hear,
If you canít work then volunteer,
If you canít sing then sew,
If you canít read, then learn,
If you canít stand then sit,
If you canít run take one step at a time;
But for Godís sake do something.
Donít you understand that you are the best
That our ancestors can produce
Itís time you learned that you are blessed
And put your blessings into some positive use?
Know we are counting on you to take us
Higher and further than weíve ever been before;
In order to do that
You must prepared yourself to travel through the door
Of opportunity and growth not just lie down
Allowing all that negativity to continue slapping you to the floor
How can you hope to achieve and obtain
On a wish and a whim?
Itís time you move up and out of the way
Leaving behind all those brothers of Caníts
Let go of all those negative pimps
They are nothing less than the devils Imps
If you want to get somewhere then prepare yourself
Negative baggageís can only hold you down
What I say to you brothers and sisters isnít a put down
Itís the truth and the Canít brothers know it
They know you can not have them hanging around
If you plan on moving on into a positive more powerful realm
You will have to get rid of all of them.
Now for the place that you desire to go
I do not want to hear you say I canít any more.
With Godís help you can go anywhere.
Know that Jesus Christ has already made the
Way for you to get there.
No more canít, but lots of I cans
Will take you to your dream
As it support you to stand
This is part of the Saviors command
As you walk towards His Kingdom I say
With Him guiding your foot step
With Him having things His way
I canít is shut down and have nothing else to say.
Now come on kneel with me and let us pray
The Father and send the Holy Spirit to have His way.
The Father is listening to what we have to say.
As we travel towards his Mighty High Way.
Thank You Lord Jesus for giving us this day
As in our life You have Your way.
Teach us, lead us Lord we pray
In Your name Jesus Christ this we pray
That's all my brother and I have to say

No More Can'ts! by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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