My Soul Is!

by Catherinebutterfly

My Soul is at peace.
Sweet peace that my soul did seek
at last receive,
for it is truly according to our belief

For according to Love,
the more my soul recognizes its
own nothingness,
the more my soul possesses God.
brought about that pure opening of my heart

Stripped of all Creature-li-ness,
including reason, will, and desire,
my soul has becomes nothing:
this nothingness of which I speak,
gives me All,

I do not believe anyone
can possess it in any other way.
My soul "lives without a why"
as God does and becomes the place within
which God works in the world making me a
part of the message to be delivered.

This fall into nothingness, in a paradoxical
reversal of the biblical language of the fall from Eden,
rendering my soul so fully united with my Father Jehovah God
that no distinction can be made between us

If you but look you can see the God in me as I see the God
in you for we are destiny to being One.

True Love necessarily flows from the heights to the depths,
as we grow we come to know
so when we who are most humble and lowly becomes
true vessels through whom God speaks to the world.
God insist that we speak loving word to the world and,
through sharing the loving living experience of His Words,
we will highlight the premise that His choice of us depends
on our very lowliness and humility
Setting all who hear, believe will receive, 
and acknowledge is then made Free.

My Soul Is! by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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