My Sons!

by Catherinebutterfly

Shakespeare1, Akukouwa and Roejay the poet.
I want everyone to know it.
These are my spiritual sons I leave here on site.
Their "Wisdom", "Knowledge" and "Understanding"
Stands strong, and Glow bright.
They are as different as day and night
But God deemed this when he said "Let it Be"
As their birth mother I am not,
But all the Love in my heart they have got.
They were created to have dominion.
To be fruitful with lots of extensions.
I must not hesitate to mention.
They were created to be Wealthy and free.
Created to be somebody for they are an extended part of God and me.
Three hundred years ago, men of another race discovered a strong people,
A people who possessed ingenuity, patience, skill and strength.
This race of people was studied very carefully 
and to this many still feel we have not common sense..
Their family structure, honor and integrity were unequalled in the earth.
Their physical and mental capacity for labor was unchallenged
They were a people marked with creativity of God, 
whom they wholeheartedly acknowledged as their Creator 
and to this day we still Deem as our Savior.
They were a people who would soon be cruelly subjugated 
to the whims and demands of another race of people 
who would castrate their lifestyle 
and render their attempt to maintain their freedom impotent.
Who tells us their leaders sold them out giving their consent
To be taken away from their families and homes
Leaving their wives, husbands and children alone.
Knowing they would be forever gone.
To this day the off spring of these love ones are still being treated wrong.
One individual, by the name of Willie Lynch,
 is famous for his formation of a demonic strategy
 that enslaved an entire nation of people, 
decreeing for three hundred years they would not be free.
He wrote a significant speech in 1712 that contained keys of division, 
to send these folks to hell, which are still in use today, 
to promote bondage and weaken the social structure of an entire race. 
He didn’t care that it would wipe them of the earths face.
These keys need to be identified, uprooted, and condemned by all of us.
For it yet lives among the few reasons so many of our children now lie in the dust.
My sons you must teach your people how to take 
their heads out of the clouds and focus here on the planet earth.
We have been deceived by the enemy 
in becoming so heavenly minded that we are of no earthly good.
We are dealing with real issues. 
As they pile us out of the system into the back woods.
The thing that made the Pharisees and the Sadducees mad 
is that Jesus dealt with the issues of His day. 
He challenged the school of traditional thought. 
He was not afraid to touch the untouchable. 
He slaughtered the sacred cows of His day.
He trumpeted change into ears that had adapted to circumstantial corruption. 
He did not ignore the societal atmosphere, as most of us do today. 
Dear Jesus came to show His people the way.
Many say, “don’t worry about anything because Jesus is going to come. 
Don’t be concerned with certain issues, just look to Jesus, 
Just make sure that Jesus is the Author and the Finisher of your faith. 
Just love the Lord” However the Bible lets us know that we are the salt of the earth. 
You cannot make impact until you make contact.

The Bibles says that you shall know the Truth, and the truth shall make you free (John 8:32). 
When you understand freedom in the light of liberation, 
you will find that, as a nation, we have not really experienced freedom in the Kingdom of God
As things stand we never will no matter how you pray or how hard..
We are dealing with the same spirit of the age in our generation that our fore parent did.
Civil Rights was not the issue in the 60"s freedom movement.
Economic empowerment and real estate was important
Because when you have wealth, you have rights.
And we are yet fighting for those rights. It is pass time my sons for our people to come into the light.
My sons teach yours how to fight the good, No, teach them to fight the great fight.
Teach then the right way to get the blessed things that are theirs in this life.
Not with a gun, fist or knife, but with the wisdom, understanding and righteousness
For as your off springs they are truly blessed.
What is freedom without the gold to maintain your freedom?
The prevention of the emergence of Moses strong anointed leadership
Was the thing that maintained slavery amongst us.
The same system was attacked, came forth and said to Pharaoh,
"Let my people go," deliverance came. Don't let them kill the Moses in you.
For you are the ones with the Word of the Lord to address this system:
Let my people go. When you understand the American concept of freedom in a different light. 
It will only be the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ that will bring liberation to men and women.
Men have been waiting to hear the gospel that will bring freedom to them as individuals.
God said, “Let us make man in our image.” (Genesis 1:26)
He didn’t make man inferior because he is created in the image of God. 
Anything that takes man and attempts to redefine his potential 
into a parody of the image of God is something that is moving against the very creation of God.
God put His Spirit in man so that he can now become a new creature. 
We must come to understand the new birth, 
which is to be born from above and to have the Seed of God resident on the inside of us. 
When you become regenerated, you become re-gened.
As I leave you I do not mean to sound bitter, angry or mean.
I just mean to leave you will some of the knowledge I gather 
when I heard Martin Luther King Jr, speaks in His “I had a Dream”
Bless you my sons No longer boys you are now men.
With Jesus Christ blood cleansing you daily from All sins.
Love Mom. 

My Sons! by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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