My Son

by Catherinebutterfly

My Son:

As a young man he conformed to the world

But he soon learned this was not to be

By living as the world lives he would never be free

These things my son said to me


As I watched him grow:

I knew that one day my young man would make history

He learned to walk with his sister Wisdom and his chance came

She guided him into the knowledge of his purpose

As she taught him that life is no game.


By Observation, he stepped hard

By explanation, he thought himself smart

But Sister Wisdom tapped him on his shoulder leading him to God

He found he knew nothing at all as he attempt to walk on his own

Between failure and falls he gave up it all

As he learned the truth he would never be able to avoid


By participation he learn to be that which he need be

By Watching, his peers and family he stepped on

As Sister Wisdom lead him into the light

He soon learned some things was not his fight

There were many things he was to give to God if he wanted to live right

At first he said to me

Mama does this have to be?

Somethings he found giving up rather hard

But he knew he must if he ever wanted to be free


By mimicking, many of his family and friends he had learned wrong

Sister Wisdom took hold of his arm pulling him on, as he learned to

leave so many ungodly things alone.


Through clarifying and involving he grew

By the age of 35 he knew

In order to be a value human being to himself, family and society

He had to step in to the field of obligations, respectability, and duty

As he became a man of authority

At last my son spirit is free

And his past is history.

My Son by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2009. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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