My Black Manís

by Catherinebutterfly

He understood what it took, just to go to school
He took all the pain he could while they called him a fool
He went on to school just to get his little piece of paper
He took the pain as it came. 
And he stood tall; Iím talking about my man
He had to take the stand his respectability demanded
He smiled at them as they came he held his head high 
No one or nothing would ever bring him to shame
He was a free black man blessing God as 
God carried him through the pain.
With his books in his hand, he graduated an educated Black man

As he tempted to farther his education they said to him
No, you donít need to do that, go around the other way.
He didnít protest for he knew he was blessed
Obedient he knew was the only way that he could attend
The university with all those prejudices white men
The short cut did not apply to him and his kind
This they thought would mess with his mind
He took seven courses not necessary for his degree.
Theses courses was to make him disagree stop his education 
Fall on the wayside and heíd never be free.
These things my Honey taught to me.
Numerous road blocks thrown in his way 
But he marched on no matter what they had to say.
The system was designed for him to fail.
To keep him in the poor manís hell.
 But God made him a winner any how.

He got in trouble trying to walk in the image of God.
What was his crime?
He tried to walk in the image of God.
What did he do wrong?
Number one, he knew who he was
Number two, he was determining his own destiny
Number three; he was not listening to what they were saying.
Number four, he was not respecting them
Number five, he refused to be a boy.
The crime was; he was walking in the image of God.
He was a man after Godís own heart.

My Black Manís by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 1985. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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