The Man Without Color "Peter D. Morrow"

by Catherinebutterfly

My encounter with them was good and sweet
I found most of them,  very intelligent and deep,
well educated,  be it spiritual, or not
they can be well intentional. deceitful, and  manipulative
and mind controlling, love placing themselves as hierarchy
of us people of color.

Being taught all my life they're evil and a danger
to the freedom ofl others, not their kind.
Throughout history they has shown us too many times
that “power corrupts and absolute powers corrupts absolutely”

Yes my encounter with them, was good and sweet,
but I never wanted to lie with them on the sheet,
because my mama said they will use you, abuse you,
wine you deny you, as well as kill you.
But what mama didn't know was, it was one of them
that took care of me, and mines.
and one of our own kind that left us behind.

what mama didn't know was the man that gave me
her grandchildren, wasn't supporting us at all, instead
he left me designated to fall.
it was the man she claimed would destroy me.
that picked me up, stood me up, taught my children
how to hold their heads up, educated them, and me
as well, because he loved us all.

So I tell you I am not racist, I am not prejudice at all
but I stuck to my own kind when it came to lying around
I didn't want to cross over and he loved me enough to not
push me to changing my mine.
He just loved me as a person, and loved having us around.
My encounter with them was good and sweet,
had it not been for him caring for me and mines
I would have had one of the hardest times.
So when you come to me, about the people unlike me
and you, don't ask my opinion if you don't' want the truth.

All white people, aren't out to kill me and you.
Some of them love me more then my own people do.

The Man Without Color "Peter D. Morrow" by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 1995. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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