Marriage On Rocks

by Catherinebutterfly

    "For better, for worse."
    God created man to till the earth
    When God blessed us,
    He gave us each other my man said to me
    But it can never be, between three.
    The ex-other woman, my man and me
    Marriage on the Rocks,
    When we got married it was said only to be him and me
    These words I always remembered when our marriage
    Was on the rocks and things for us got awfully hot,
    Loosing my husband was something that I was not
    Willing to do and so we went before God to work out
    All the kinks and the knots,
    Our marriage didnít seem to be working so well,
    Especially with women stepping out the past from hell
    I had to pray many a night to keep out of jail
    As my Honey got the news of a DNA needed from a pass female
    Marriage on Rocks was something God did not
    Created for me and mines
    And s we tried to work it out one more time.
    Back in those days sometimes I thought he would loose his mind
    As well as take mines.
    But with the help of God we always made it through one more time.
    Marriage on the Rocks
    Having had the honor and privilege to marry the man of my dream
    Hearing my groom makes his vows to me and other and to God.
    Vows made ďfor better, for worse." Was our great start
    And nothing that happened in over forty years
    Could have made me leave my honey Bill
    Marriage On Rocks
    Thatís exactly what, it meant
    "For better, for worse."  with both of our consent.
    At first it was hard just trying to pay the rent
    But Bill was positive that we could make a go of it
    If I just allow him to be the top dog in charge
    A lot of wrong things could be avoided.
    When Bill and I took our vows,
    Happy was we when we had our first child
    the door bell did ring, a woman stood there with child in arm
    Saying I have got to speak to Bill
    Pushing the child to him she said to him
    This is yours and mines you need to know
    And I canít take care of him any more.
    Then she turned and walked out the front door
    Bill mouth frozen open,
    And heat shooting out my head
    I couldnít believe the words that woman had just said
    Marriage On the Rocks?
    Things up in there that day got awfully hot.

    Marriage is God's Holy Institution between a man and a woman for life.
    Other than our relationship with Christ,
    It was the most important relationship we had during our lifetime.
    This blessed relationship of God's plan for our marriage
    was that I would spend my whole life with one man,
    and things had made another turn
    when that woman tossed that child in my husbands arms.
    Our Marriage was now on the Rocks
    One man, one woman, for one lifetime
    Anything else is a perversion of that plan.
    Thatís what I had to get truly come to understand.
    Especially when my mate got out of hand
    It was now time for me to take a stand
    But I wasnít going to just give up my marriage
    without giving it a chance
    I took that child out of my husband arms,
    threw him his jacket and said
    Come weíve got a date with the M.D
    Honey we are going to go and take a DNA
    Until then donít you say a word to me
    Marriage on the Rocks

    No matter how man may try,
    Marriage is to be between two not three
    And I knew my honey wasnít foolish enough to bring that
    Kind of garbage in to me
    The little boy so sad, frighten and blue,
    I had to know about him
    I had to know the truth and this was the only way I knew
    That we could get to the end of it
    Until then I didnít know what I would do.
    But I knew my Honey had to knew the truth too
    Marriage on Rocks things had gotten overly hot
    Bit a divorcees was something as of yet I was not.
    Our marriage made in heaven was about to come to a close
    If the truth wasnít soon revealed,
    it would be the last of me and my Honey Bill.
    This child who was now six years old
    Stared at me with tears in his little eyes and a runny nose
    Was frighten and hungry this was clear to see
    But I wasnít going to let no ex-woman make no fool of me
    So I took that child and fed him a meal
    As I grabbed my Honey by his ears, tossed him his jacket
    And out the door we did go.
    Before the doctors office got a chance to close.
    Marriage on Rocks
    Divorce stood in the making but God ordained it was a lie.
    And so we spit with Godís help in the devilís eye.
    Saving our marriage we had to give it a try
    God's definition of marriage is until death do we part
    Between a man and a woman we stood before God
    To make a child we one day would, but this one came to fast
    Our marriage was only two years old if we fought now our marriage
    Would never last.
    And I knew the woman had been a part of my Honeyís past
    What that woman had done was darn right selfish and cold
    To a child of six years old.
    Trying to place our marriage on Rocks
    Was something that would not be, without finding out the truth
    Was were my Honey and I had to do, and so we did what any normal
    Woman and man would do, we took that little boy that day and we had a DNA .

    If this was Godís way, to produce for us a family,
    And thatís the way it had to be.
    I just didnít have any anger in side of me,
    Especially since I knew my Honey had a past
    And if this child was his he needed a mama and a dad
    I just couldnít find it in my heart to get mad.
    Marriage on Rocks
    I say not.
    Love with stood that test
    We both had to work on that mess.

    God's plan for marriage is not to divorce.
    Divorce was never meant to be, not now, nor ever will it be
    a part of God's plan for marriage for my Honey and me.
    God clearly expresses in Malachi 2:16
    by simply stating that "He hates divorce." By all means
    Divorce is a sin, period, nothing less and nothing more
    To divorce a woman leaves her to be nothing more then a whore
    For better or worst I stood by my Honeyís side
    And trusted him to do whatís right
    Over that child we had no fights
    What was done in the dark came to the light.
    And now I must help him do what was right.
    The biggest misconception about divorce comes from the poor
    Teaching that there are Biblical reasons for divorce  
    a misunderstanding of the passages in Matthew chapters 5 and 19
    it appears adultery is a legitimate reason to get divorced.
    But no adultery had taken place, 
    this child was sent here by the Saving Grace
    And now we new the truth we must face 
    if saving our marriage was to take place
    With out own child on the way, and a woman just handed us another
    There was no way, that a divorce would be taking place.
    Marriage on Rocks was in the making so it would seem
    but God blessed us with a special thing.
    Love, Trust and the Truth that He would see us through
    if we lean not on our own understanding.
    And trust Him with all our hearts
    Our life and marriage could not, would not fall apart.
    The DNA told it all, the child is my Honeyís after all.
    Adoption made me his legal Ma and no one did ever know
    Until he was us fifteen years or more
    When his biological mama came on the scene
    We thought she was once more trying once more to mess up everything.
    But little did we know that God had made her a part of His plan
    When he allowed her to place our son little Bill into our hands
    But little Billy wasnít a little boy no more
    And he knew that we loved him as he loved us
    Little Bill, sat his three brothers and sisters down 
    and this is what he said,
    I love you and you love me,
    That other mother can never come between our family
    Mama and daddy is the best and donít forget we God have always blessed
    Praise God for that old blood test because our blood is all the same
    You and I all came from the same man,
    this one day I hope youíll come to understand.
    As my Honey and I sat with his biological Ma
    That warm day in our back yard under the big tree out in sun
    That woman she tried to take little Bill into her arms
    But he just stood there looking her in disbelief,
    Herr head was fully grey she had not attempted to wash any of the grey away
    And in his big brown eyes I could see tears and anger in his eyes
    I silently prayed that God would not allow our young man to loose it,  
    As I heard him say: Lady I know you not, my family is right here
    Where you left me when you disappeared all those long years ago
    You never looked back at me once as you walked out that door,,
    and I am afraid your return is way too late, 
    I am only happy my DNA was no mistake
    I do not know where you have been, I only know of your sin,
    But God worked it all out for the best,
    When Daddy and Mamma took the time to get the DNA test.
    Our Marriage was not on the Rocks and heat didnít hot
    What his mother had done did not make our love stop.
    Our oldest son belongs to his pop.
    I know you donít know me; you got a right to even be angry at me,
    But I pray you donít hate me.
    But will you listen to me son?
     That woman said
    I did what I knew best and that was to give you to your dad,
    I had no where to run, I had no other place to take you,
    there was no place else to go
    when I gave you up I almost went out of my head
    I had no money and I had no place to go.
    I committed a crime and I didnít want anyone to know
    When I gave you up, I did what I had to do, I turned myself in
    And I couldnít do that with you,
    I just got out of jail from fifteen years ago
    Wonít you give me a chance for me to know my only child before I go?
    Hereís my paper of my release,
    Your Mama, son is no beast
    Sheís just a woman who did wrong, and didnít want the trouble to
    Destroy her child;
    I knew that your daddy and his wife would take care of you
    So I did what any good mother would do.
    I left them to take care of you.
    Well she told the truth and we let her in
    Giving him up wasnít her greatest sin,
    Our marriage was no longer on the rocks,
    Hadnít been for years as you can see
    Marriage is only for two and not three
    His mama and him gets along find, when he visit her once in a while
    But now his young life is complete, and I donít worry any about
    Him or miss any sleep.

Marriage On Rocks by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 1990. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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