Maritza and the Courts of Justice

by Catherinebutterfly

Dearest Maritza,

I feel you where your son Tony is concerned. By now I am sure you realize just how corrupt our justice system is. As poor people, known better as the Have Not's, have long experienced a different kind of justice for them and a far friendlier one for the rich. That is nothing new under the sun for sure. Racism does play a great part in the system of injustice. Yet corruption is not about a rich-versus-poor, it is the corrupt for themselves against everybody. it is the worst kind of corrupt ion. The Judiciary and the legal profession can no longer deny and lie with a straight face the shameful level of corruption sitting on the seat that is supposed to be protecting the people.

As long as I can remember there has been lawyers, socially or professionally, corruption in the Judiciary and the legal profession. It used to be that corporations would have legal retainers on the basis of the relationships of owners of senior management and lawyers or law firms. But it began to expand a little when corporations would retain law firms with good connections to judges and justices. The imbalance of the Judiciary in dispensing justice warped even more when it went beyond the traditional diffe rence between justice for the rich and justice for the poor to justice that can be bought.

Lawyers and/or law firms with good connections mean good connections with judges and justices. It means that decisions can be unduly influenced by relationships, for favors and for money. It means that judges and justices can be for sale. With judges and justices selling their decisions, there can only be corruption in the Judiciary. As you know it cost me big bucks for my son, and the now judge threw him under the bus upon the receiving of this money, as she took the seat to legally destroy the lives of ot her young men and women. Lawyers are trained to Lie, Steal and kill. Very few gets a true introduction to the Truth of the Lord before they take this seat of corruption.

Within four days of his sentencing she was sworn in as a judge. If asking God to deal with her is evil then I am evil. The healing of this great injustice yet rips at my heart as well as my pocket. And I would be lying if I say it is not. Some mornings I feel as if my heart is bleeding it hurts so much, so yes my love I can understand how you might feel.

Because of her lies and thievery I can see No Good coming from her for the children that she claims she fought for this seat for. There is no way I would have worked with her for votes of any sort had I known how truly ugly she is on the inside. This again my love is one of the reason our Lord tells us to try the spirit and lean not on our own understanding. as well as when we ask God to take care of something we must be passion, and not rush. To be still isn't always easy especially when it comes to our o wn. As mothers our protecting spirit eats at us like cancer, until our children are before us. Once she took that seat, she told us, we would have to now get another lawyer to handle the case that she promise she would see through for there was no evidence found anywhere linking my son to the case at hand. She closed the door as if she had never been there and she hadn't. Like the wind she came, like the wind she left. I pray this does not happen to your son and family.

The last discussion I had with this human, she promised to return photos, help him get another lawyer etc.; instead none of this took place. You were there as we waiting hours for her late arrival every court dated. . With the promise that they have no case. Not once did she fight that the evidence we had be released during the trial. She help the system take my son just as other defendants said she had done them. She sits high, but God Himself is taking her down.

So you see for me and those whom have been a part of the system we find it is almost impossible to believe there are very many good honest lawyers or law firms not connected with a dirty judge or justice. We whom have trusted and believed them for righteousness have no doubt that many of these men and women allow themselves to be used in the corrupting of judges sitting on the seats of justices in the interest of their clients. It's seldom about innocent or guilty these days, it's about the Money. After all, clients who can afford want insurance far and beyond the merits of their cases. Lawyers and law firms with friendly ties to judges and justices are for hire which is something we do not have. And when we borrow the money we usually lose because they know once the case is closed, sentencing have been made.any means and connection to pulling up more money has been depleted.

This young lawyer was good, even better then she said she was. It is lawyers like her who have established themselves within a position to risk their careers by using the poor, while smiling upon the faces of other dirty lawyers, judges sitting on the seat of justices. She even went as far as to tell me there is a government agency under the Judiciary which accepts complaints against wrongdoing by judges and justices. However, she would never go there because complaints are leaked and the fate of the lawyer complainant is sealed – no more future in her profession. Although she did say that some very well established law firms had more leeway and courage to make complaints but they hardly do.

Most prefer to keep things quiet and enjoy their lives among the Haves instead of the Have Not's. It is nothing new that lawyers and law firms are silent about the defense of watching their peers betraying their clients and the public's trust. Corruption and protecting one of their own is as in any other business even among the Have Not's. And knows this while innocent people are sent off to hell, the participating lawyers and judges sat starting emotionless, if not even angry because one fought for their freedom, throwing even greater time at the defendant. These corrupt animals, in my eyes, which counts for little of nothing has now lost their rights to the title as human beings, fight as though they were fighting for their king – and they most of them probably are. Ole Lucifer serves them well at the prime of their careers, grabbing their loss, corrupted souls, as he kills their conscious, while they think they are successful, they are digging themselves into a great hell then they can ever imagine. Few my dear one, only a few ever pulls out alive.

After all is over an done and families and friends has sat, listening though horrible lies and accusations against the character and the behavior of their love ones, these animals pick up their brief cases and go have a drink, take a smoke , no matter what kind, no longer tossing and turning in their beds at night because truth does not live there if it ever did. They rise refreshed the next morning to win souls for the devil another day.

I respect the justice system because God say obey the law of the land. I stay as far away from lawyers now as I can. They don't just stained reputations, they destroy lives. The biggest devil I know lives in the justice system, and the second straddle the fence of his church home and his law firm as the Judiciary and its deteriorated credibility does not seem to upset them at all. They have been acting as though they are all in one clean branch of government and the people who they work for holds no right to think of removing them because they are unfit. Those that attempt to remove them has best be prayed up, fasted up or truly following the "Will of God." Let us continue to pray that the Lord is with us removing those working and controlling the dirty justices, judges and lawyers along with our many dirty policemen while praying for and thanking God for the small percentage that is working for the people.

The President was voted in on a platform of change, and change in a very specific field – corruption. From day one, our The President is trying to live up to his promise and mandate. He needs the Judiciary to clean up. Without the Judiciary, the President only has one option for reform – a revolutionary government. What the President starts has to end with the Judiciary, has to end with justice being dispensed with firmness in a society long wracked by corruption. His hands are tied, and they know it. Rather then work with him and lose what they are holding, they will destroy him. He's aged as no other president has, he's been slandered as no others, his family been insulted in means that no decent leader would allow themselves to be. The Chief Justice and the Supreme Court have not made it easier for the President to push a reform agenda. The two of them cannot co-exist in harmony unless both agree to the cleansing of government.

The impeachment trial is about corruption in the judiciary. I understand why judges and court employees have to defend one of their own as though they are defending their way of life. I under why many lawyers and law firms are totally uncomfortable with a President challenging corruption in the Judiciary. After all, when judges and justices do business with litigants, the lawyers are the usual go-between, the negotiators, the couriers of cash or favors.

It is not easy to beat the system, even if that system is a cancer that gnaw at the soul and nobility of the people. If we are afraid to confront the cancer, we can at least give the people the truth as true children of God we know many of the dirty justices, judges, lawyers and policemen/persons are therefore workers of satan, and will get worse as his time is soon to be cut short.

I pray you understand what I am saying here. The Have Not's and the Haves have always been, and the Lord told us these things. But just as clearly He's told us that Satan and his angels has always been as well. This is why Christ gave His life that this can all be eliminated. They are having their day now. But Eternity with the Father for us is Forever.

Maritza and the Courts of Justice by Catherinebutterfly

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