by Catherinebutterfly

"A good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children." The Word says. But so do many mothers. My Mama isn't gone home in the physical yet, but she do not know me, she's in the nursing home, I went to visit her for my birthday last week, she was not there but had gone to the hospital the night before. When I left the nursing home and made it to the hospital I said God let her hear me, let her know I am here. Today is my 60th birthday and the doctors and mama said I wouldn't make it to 21. Father You've kept me through it all, now won't you please let her be okay. I know You can take me right now Father even after You saw fit to allow me to make it to this year, Yet I ask You to allow me to know my mother hear me."

Mama was lying there so silent and still when I made it to her room, the nurses came and went. Once in a while mama would make a sound. Then my pastors can in. We talked and then we prayed. When it was time to leave, I leaned over kissed mama on the forehead and said "Mama this is your Catherine, your Kitty Cat. I wanna thank you for my life and to tell you I made it to sixty (60) years today." Mama eyes shot open, stared at me as if to say you did. She looked around, then she just stared at me for a few mintues as if she was looking straight through me and moaned, closing her eyes once more.

Chills ran all through me but I knew God had answered my prayer. Mama not only heard me but responded to me and the pastors said "See there, see there, she understood."

Mom had left me an inheritance that money can't buy, one that no one can take away form me. Faith in God and His Word. God has given every mother the same right and privilege to instill, the love of God and the hope of the Gospel in their children and pass it down through the genreartions to come.

Mama was a little woman, always busy, walking working, caring for us twelve (12) children. Dad and her had long time parted. She often told us the Good Book says "If a man don't work, he don't eat." I didn't know what that meant back them, but over the years I learned so many things Mama said to us. I encourage mothers everywhere to begin to lay the biblical foundation of Stablility and Balance in their children and in themselves today. Let it become a lifestyle for the kingdom of God, one that they live everyday with the blessed assurance as a way of life for their children too.

I beleive mothers have a special place in the heart of God. The Bible tells us that our mothers are like precious jewels to us and we're to honor them Proverbs 1:8,9. The testimony of mama's life is a blueprint on how to balance your life in tough situations by trusting in God and obeying His Word. Mom is what I call very legalistic when it comes to "If God said it, that's it," but in a good way, not a bad way. When my brothers and sisters were growing up, we knew that the person Mom trusted more than nayone else in the world, especially in the rocky times, was the Lord. And now here she laid, with the only form of life was the beeping of a machine and movement once in awhile.

Thank you Mama for the opportunity to know what it means to be your daughter,, a mother and to get to know the God you serve. You once said I would understand how you did it when I had children of my own and now I know. There is only one way. "Overcome Circumstance by Faith in God", Mama thank you for "training us in the way a child should go, see I know now when the bottom falls out nothing can spearate us from God's love, by leaning and trusting the Lord I know stability and balance in my life comes from God.who is yet keeping me. Mama died February 17, 2013. Mama was 97 years old. R.I.P Mama.

Mama by Catherinebutterfly

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