Will I Ever Love Again?

by Catherinebutterfly

 I grew up with him.
 I learned to love him
 I prayed for him
 I fed him,
 I laughed with him
 But I refuse to sleep with him
 And so he came into the church
 He prayed beside me
 He cried beside me
 Let God in
 I said to him
 Let the light of God shine in your life
 We all prayed for him.
 He will save you
 He will protect you
 Repent we said and be saved
 And so he said he did.
 All the things I asked he declared he did
 In your life he’s paid the price.
 I said
 He swore he did
 Let God in your life and he’d make things right
 I said.
 I see God in your eyes, he said to me
 Now come be my wife
 I ran…
 No longer now could I marry a worldly man
 He wined me, he dined me whispering take a chance
 The marriage he wanted was not done by God or man
 He wanted to send me to hell, because he knew I cared
 Knowing the Law. Of God
 He asked me to take a chance
 Five foolish virgins
 I preached that day
 Before the whole congregation
 I send him away.
 I couldn’t serve God no more
 If I shared his bed as a woman of the night
 I would never again walk in the light
 Daily I pray the Christ within me
 Shine more brilliantly,
 As I give God the praise
 That me He saved.
 The God in my Heart,
 Keeps me,
 Feeds me
 Loves me
 And embrace me
 Protecting me from wolves in sheep clothes
 Sunday after Sunday I saw him
 Standing at the altar with uplifted hands
 Sometimes I wonder unto whom he’s praying
 It was hard to not look at him at times
 Knowing that I loved him so much
 I nearly lost my mind.
 Having to leave him behind
 was one of the hardest things
 I’d ever had to do.
 But to my own self I had to fist be true
 And I could not let my light shine
 With him beside me corrupting me
 Temping me,
 Pulling me into the gates of hell that he spend
 His time.
 Standing before the altar I opened my mouth to pray
 I felt him besides me as I started to pray
 Let me in your heart he said to me
 You love me
 I love you and you love only me
 Let me in your heart if you wanna be free
 It was then I knew it was Lucifer’s son
 Working on me.
 His eyes brighter than ever,
 His smile glowing
 His teeth polish so bright
 Sending off glees
 Enticing me,
 Working on my weakness
 The more he whispered into my ears
 The louder I prayed.
 The louder I prayed the sweeter he sound
 Looking at him I knew
 The man standing besides me
 I never knew.
 Only the devil would do the things
 He was doing.
 At the altar that day
 I felt to my knees
 I cried out to God Father please
 As tears poured from my eyes
 Pushing up from my soul
 I knew without a doubt God was my all in all
 And with out him I could only be lost
 I prayed a little louder God safe me
 I turned just in time to see him walk away
 Not a one of us have send him since that day.
 I can't serve man and God

Will I Ever Love Again? by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2011. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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