Judgment Call! Four

by Catherinebutterfly

Dedicated to :Judge Donald Zuidmulder

Not a one was his peers, not one had proof

For the first time in my life

A blind woman would tell

What a man of color looked like in the dark,

Hell waits her blind darken heart.


Different situations

Different cases

Different occasions

But I saw the same faces.


They never answered a question I did ask
the lawyer had all the answer theories but no facts

Including why there were no fingerprints

To match.

He said the garbage man had gotten rid of that.

I asked who the finger prints found belonged to.

He said this was none of my business

Just be grateful they donít belong to you.

I wanted so badly to tell him what he could do

But not yet, not yet that wasnít a thing I could do.

So many Mother that day stood around

Listening to the judge as his gravel went down

Not many of us could cry, no tears would

Come from our eyes. As that old deviant judged

 Sentences us mothers to die.

That dark day in May, June, and July.

 They stole our sonís lives

They killed us as sure as they pulled the trigger

In the load gun they held at our hearts

With that thing they called a mouth a lie came forward

They declared themselves a god


Tears once more fall

Time have relapsed
In all of our minds

All of us mothers knew without a doubt

What was to take place

We each had warned out children about this place


For the rest of our lives we will hear

What the devil said, and the juror did do

Judgment Call! Four by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2009. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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