Jesus Came!

by Catherinebutterfly

When Jesus came to earth,

He came into the Womb of a woman

He came in obedience to Godís will.

Not as a man

But as a child

Even at the young age of twelve He use 

His knowledge and He took a stand

He was all God and all man.

He came


He emptied him self.

Walking the Eternal mile

He volunteered unselfishly,

Laid aside His divine attributes. To make man free

Yes He came.


He did not cease being God,

Coming from the center of Godís heart.

Emptied himself of his glory

For centuries man have told His story.

He truly Came


Jesus took upon himself the form of human flesh

To clean up all our mess.

In all points he was made like unto his brethren

He was temped at all points like we are, yet without sins,

As a man, he possessed a will throughout his entire life

He continually had yielded and submitted His will in obedienceí

To the will of God, Jesus Son of God born with a perfect heart.

He came

Jesus Came! by Catherinebutterfly

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