Jena Six

by Catherinebutterfly

Mychal Bell in Jail,
An introduction to one of the stages of
The white manís hell.
The World is watching
The fight is on
For Mychal Bell
 time in jail
is definitely wrong
we want this injustice to be gone
justice in Jena,
be it Louisiana or wherever
the young men that fought
are far from heaven
Jena the town, that rocks by racial tension.

First this I must mention. 
Before we start
In this day and age
Lynching is against the law
Praise be to God.

Six black youths called the Jena Six
faced criminal charges of life
if the DA gets his intent
possibility of life in  jail
in the white manís hell
in connection with a fight
with a white student at Jena High School
does not make it right
a young man name Bell
been convicted and jailed
In connection with the incident. 
stands out as well as
LaSalle Parish
District Attorney Reed Walters
Who needs to repent
This includes the judge on the case.
No way they canít say this is not based on race
Itís a disgrace
Men holding high offices
Sitting on the bench
Not using common sense

American justice is on trial in Jena.
Now we will find out
if thereís any truth in her
The world is watching, now for a whileĒ
Rev J. Jackson says. 
Weíre going before God
To see to it that the blacks
This time does not pay
There is no way the white man can
Make us throw our Faith and knowledge away
We are tied of our young folks
having their lives taken away
The more outside pressure is applied,
The greater the impact.Ē
We as a people can give these creatures
No slack
If we do
Things will go further out of control
Remember these are the folks says we have no soul
Rev. Al Sharpton placed before us also his two cent  
Called for an investigation of Walters the mighty DA.
And will get it if he gets his way
Aggravated second-degree battery.
The young man is charged
But for the nooser in the tree
Persecution Will be avoided
Let us call on the governor and the Legislature too
Let us now find out what they can do
Let us cry before them with joined, strong voice
Let us cry out to them in the name of Jesus Christ
As we  follow the Word of Jehovah God who has already
Giving His Son that we might have life
And have it abundantly.
ďNo weapon formed against us can prosperĒ
the ďBattle isnít ours but God,Ē
come on people let us go before the Lord with our
Whole hearts.
The hell they sat before us
Can never again be
It is time for our Victory
This jail they are trying to send our young folks to
Itís their hell as well,  
this isnít slavery
Itís a thing of the past
We will not return to their mental and physical hell
So we need to fight to keep our young men out of
This white man's jail.
Bound together my brothers and sisters
Let us stand our ground
If we donít weíll die for sure
Behind the wall
Treated like dogs
In their place of business
The penitentiary of hell
Living in over crowed cells
While the state pay
Each other to put us away
Stand strong as we join together and move on
This time we will not stop
Until we reach the top
This treatment of injustice has got to stop
Open gates of justification
This isnít just a one manís conversation
This is our life, our futures lives
We have already paid the price
To be free
To walk and move about as we please
So we will not be deceived this time around
They wonít be able to say the chief or our heads
Sold us out.
Know this and know it well
All betrayers have been long time thrown out.
We as Jehovah Godís people
Have the Victory
For Heís walking with us
Heís talking with us
And we know we are His own
Here's what we the people
The Now Generation of Blacks Believe
We Believe that Peace
Prosperity, Long Life and Joy are ours
For the asking
For the taking
For the making
As we Decree
Things as they owe to be
Jesus Christ has long time
Set the Black Man free
As it ought to be
Here we are connecting,
merging with Jena six
walking with Jehovah God
tearing down the Fence of injustice
the gates of hell
No more black babies going to
that White man's jail
we starting yesterday
We now Receive. As we get off our knees
The Heavens has opened
and the Black man prevails
those six Black Sons will
walk out of that Tormented
Placed of Hell.
Here stops our children and loved ones
From traveling through out the penitentiary or jails.

Jena Six by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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