My Husband, My Man

by Catherinebutterfly

Inspired and dedicated to Harry C. Smith,

Sister Iís so glad youís come to town.
At last you gits the chance to meet my Husband, My Man!

What that fellow done, done to you.
Must be some kind of voodoo.
Child heís just using you. You just wait and see.
I know more about men than youíd ever know,
and I know canít none of them be believed.
Ainít none of them to be trusted.

He loves me. Heís not like that sister. 
Heís in love with me. The most powerful man I know

Child they all say that. when they want something from you.
Iíve been there done that, and ainít going back no more.
Bet he got a house full of chilen and child support, 
one of them their fellows that where he lay his hat he lay his head. 
Donít care whose bed he git in.
Have he told ya yet how many chilen heís got. If heís claim any.?

Heís the father of many sons and daughters and he tells the world so.
Spends big time on his family, no he donít pay no child serport.
Because his family ainít got no needs and they ainít never been to no kourt.

What that you say? Where ever he lie his hat is his home, you say?

Well if heís welcomed and He can have his way. I suppose you could say that.
Sister He lives all over the place. But heís my man.
And I love him. canít you ever be happy for me?

Iíd bet after while heís gonna start telling you what to do, 
where you can go and who to even talk to. 
Men like that is hard cold and jealous. 
Theyís phony. A jealous man is a dirty man. 
Does he act like a jealous man?

Yes. Heís jealous and he says it loud and clear.
ďYou will have none other before meĒ is among his rules.

Rules you fool. Heís already laid down his rules?

Now you listen here sister No I ainít no fool.
I listen because I ainít no fool.

You listen to me here little girl that man thank heís god. 
Those kind ainít never got no heart.
I ainít never been no bible toting lady 
but I know the Word and girl the Word says 
ďEvery woman should have her own husband not share him with everyone. 
But him heís got many wives.
That fellow of yours should be locked up and thrown in jail.

No he ainít going to no jail. He owns that place too.

Somebody should have him locked up cause crook and heís a bigamist too.

No he ainít no bigamist.
Heís my man.
Heís cleaned up all my mess.
Heís the best.
Sister He loves you too,

What? Iís know youíd lost your mind now. 
You can tell him what he can do fer me.
Girl that man is just making a fool of you. 
If he but come my way while Iís here, Iíd put his lights out. 
That no good low life ainít no man, heís just using you. 
Whatís heís done to you that making you going alone? 
Something is mighty wrong here Ö 
I remember when you would have dug his eyes out and thrown him out ya door.
I wouldnít have that low down dirty man of yours if heís was the last man on earth.
Come nears me I am going put him under that there dirt.

Why cause he loves you? Sister listen for once please. 
You ainít the only one; it ainít just me and you. 
As I said before, He loves all humanity
And heís show nuff good to me.
Heíd be good to you if you just give him a try.

I best get out of here girl before that man get back 
cause he donít brain washed you, he mess with me somebody gonna die. 
I am out of here. Call me when you wake up.

Sister But you got it all wrong. He truly .loves me
Heís Love itself, only one of a kind and Heís mines.
He takes care of me,
Not a respect of person, not judgmental
He gives life. Sister He even raises the dead

Lard have mercy Heís already messed up your head.
Didnít have much from the first start and now you ainít even got that .

No heís ainít just in my head, heís real.
I ainít under no illusion I guarantee.
He lifts me when I am down.
My man heís always around.
I got no need for nothing. 
I ainít raggedly and I ainít hungry like I use to be.
I ainít worried and bogged down. Sister listen to me. 
My man you have got to give him a change. 
Youíd love him if you just knew him. 
Wait! here he comes.
Jesus this is my sister. 
Sister this is Jesus 
Will you also be her husband and man?

My Husband, My Man by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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