Holy Responsibilities

by Catherinebutterfly


Holy privileges demands holy responsibilities
The more a man works for the good of mankind,
The more responsibilities he shoulders
With this loving burden comes a great
Spiritual power bestowed from the Most High
As man grows he soon comes to recognize and know
The truth from a lie
The second step to growing is knowing
That Jesus didn't die.
He's real it's the truth,
Not any handy andy stuff
That he never rose once He was crucified.


Holy Responsibilities comes with Holy Truth
As you grow the Holy Spirit will lead you
Into all truth.
Obedience to the Word will save you,
Lead you, guide you into miracles and wealth
For knowledge is wealth and secrets well kept
The more you grow, the more you wanna know


Holy privileges demands holy responsibilities
This desire of holiness will keep you on your knees
For it is in God you want to know you are pleasing.
Let no man deceive you
Only Christ saves


Holy privileges demands Holy responsibilities
Christ lives today, yesterday, and tomorrow
Carry the message unto the world,
Tell them about Jesus and His mighty love
The kingdom of God is at hand.
While our brothers and sisters are still out
Here fighting for material wealth and land.
To get it most of them will do what ever it
Takes or what ever then can.


Holy privileges demands Holy responsibilities
Every member of a church,
Any church has an essential responsibility
Towards all other members be they woman,
Child or man.
No racial discrimination are possible
When man is truly spiritual and true
No social discrimination can stand.
Or live in you.
Holy privileges demands holy responsibilities
The more you know the more you're responsible for.

Holy Responsibilities by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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