by Catherinebutterfly

Hope dies hard in the AIDS world,
Especially where big idealism and big money join hands,
This killer doesnít care if you are a woman, child or man.
It slaps the taste out, how ever it can.
No respect of person
As it screams,
ďIíd tear up your life by any means.Ē

An expensive disease to treat
Millions of lives at stake,
Living on every other street.

The straight, the gay, the saved, the condemned.
Itís color blind.
Cuts up ones time, and blows the mind.

HIV, twin to AIDS sister to STD.
Free sex and drugs ainít never free.
I pray youíll listening to me.
It even attacks those that are habit free.
Innocent folks, even babies in the womb.
Doesnít care about the size of the room,

Drinks blood like a drunken drink wine,
Kills the cells as it dines. Freely visit at any time.

HIV a disease fraught with political and
Economic dimensions that requires full attention.
More than just deficit spending.

Creating dead zones the size of continent.
With so many consent.
Yet no respect of persons.

None safe from its ravages,
All infected isnít savages.

HIV an invisible army needs visible
Monetary actions.

Cried a lot of tears,
said a lot of prayers through the years.
For many I held dear.

Safe sex is no sex.
It donít just impregnate it steal,
kills and sends to hell.
Young people hear me well,

and understand why God said every man
should have his own wife,
and she should have her own husband
to share their life.
God didnít say no sex..
He said the marriage bed is undefiled
This is a godly lifestyle.

Use protection.
Donít always stop infections.
Youíre not invincible.
Itís frightening and it ainít free.
Believe me.
Itíll bring you into itís living hell.
As it eat up your flesh.
Itíll make you a mess.
God Bless

HIV by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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