Heaven is My Home

by Catherinebutterfly

Everything we have, need of is in heaven.
there is no light switch we have to turn on,
because there is no night.
God has thought of everything, 
and things that we cannot even imagine 
are waiting for us in heaven
Heaven is my home..
I am so excited, 
and the reason why I got to talk about heaven, 
is because when I get to heaven, at last I'd be at home.

I want to know what it's like. 
I have gotten so hungry for Heaven, 
Heaven is my home.
I can hardly stand it,
Ain't no sense in pretending.
I just want to go there right now,
but I am willing, to wait until God is ready,
 to call me home.

Heaven is my Home.

Heaven is My Home by Catherinebutterfly

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