The Whole Head Is Sick

by Catherinebutterfly

The whole head is sick
This is no trick
I tell you no lie
If we don’t straighten up we are all
Going to die
At the hands of our young folks
Our next door neighbors
And let us not forget the mighty stranger.
Neither leaders nor followers
Have the will or strength
To get to the roots of race riots
Or terrorist attacks
There’s no one able to solve
The problem once and for all. 
Instead every one cowards down
Like a fearful dog
The hearts are so weak
And unhealthy I must say
For the governmental system
Is about to faint or collapse.
The people votes to throw anyone
In office is a fact
If they but attempt to play act
From the sole of the foot
Unto the head there no
Soundness to be found
In the White House
It’s more powerful and respectable
In the Out House.
Wounds and bruises everywhere
No purifying sores
With ointment and medication
As the days of old Mama and Daddy
Worked well with prayer and meditation
Even the learned doctors can be bought and sold
Everybody selling themselves for a bit of gold
The country is desolate
The cities are burning with fire
Crooked cops are robbers and they are for hire
As for The land: strangers devour it in our presence
As the president grab what he can get
Soon forgetting us his promises to us is never met
For our land is desolate
Overthrown by strangers 
Whom he’s allowed in
Bringing along with them their false gods and sins
Our cities are burned and guess who does it
We must admit Strangers devour it in our presence
While our off springs participate in it
While our president runs off in a jet so he can over look it.
These words are not mines
These words are found in the good book of Truth
That is why I can tell it to you.
These terrifying passage are in the light
They are traveling even faster throughout the night
Because of the weakness of our leaders
They’d rather kill us then feed us.
Go to Africa you say,
Where many are dying
I don’t have to go there are you all blind?
I say go around the corner to the Salvation Army
Where hungry folks are standing in line
Many of them talking out of their minds
Sitting in the Ghetto are many hungry mouths
Scrapings from the table or the rich and famous
Could feed the whole crowd
We are experiencing desolation and burning
All at the hands of strangers and U.S born fools
Mind you most terrorist have completed school
Bought and paid for by the U.S. of A
See the president and congress has given our money away.
In other words,
If we don’t repent, race riots and terrorism
Are going to get much worse.
Soon there will be no quite and safe place on planet Earth
Doesn’t the word say:
“Except the Lord of hosts had left unto us a very small remnant,
We should have been as Sodom and Gomorrah”
 Sodom and Gomorrah were burned and leveled
Because of their sin.
Before this is all over, only a small remnant
Will be left and left only because God will spare man.
For Death and Destruction is at hand.
Part two
A sinful nation,
A people laden with iniquity,
A seed of evil children that are corrupters
They have forsaken the Lord,
And now they are killing us
They have provoked the Holy One unto anger,
They are gone away backward. From their mothers womb
They are destroying even the birth parents if you read
The news
The Whole head is sick and the whole heart faint. 
The sword is without
And the pestilence and famine within
there is only a few Honest and decent godly women and men
For all is rushing and lusting after sin.
He that is in the field shall die with the sword
And he that is in the city, famine and pestilence
shall devour him says Ezekiel 7:15
Pestilence afflicting those in the city
While those in the country and field are dying
From attacks by beast created by the lustful, self centered minds
Who thought they could leave the Holy One behind them
All this pestilence and plague of rioting,
Terrorist violence and burning
Is afflicting the cities primarily
Because God is not in it
And they refuse to believe satan sent it
The seeds f the future calamity have already been sown,
The government has lost control for it is without a soul
The devil seats in the head of the table
And the demons sit in the next seat
As they all sat around eating forbidden and bloody meat
Here is a breakdown of law and order.
Where control should be
There is no show of governmental force
Not at this table….
The men we vote in has not a voice
We have no hope for peace
For the children and demons filled our streets
The public outcry intensifying and sustaining.
The working folk’s pocket books are draining.
Taxes here, taxes there, while their wages rise
More each year
What are us poor folks to do when
Our government is paralyzed by fear
The whole heart is faint
We have no control in our cities.
Neither our homes nor our lives
Our leaders took The Father of Truth
From among the schools of education and
Opened the doors with an invite to the father of Lies
It was here our future generation began to die
All because our leaders refuse to remove the logs
Out of their lustful eyes
All has sin and fallen below
Not a one leading the children
Filled with the Precious Holy Ghost.
Instead coming out the clothes
Now is the user of sex and dope.
judges and law makers placing
Weapons in the hands of loss children filled with pain,
Not a sound spot in their lifeless body could be found
Upon examinating the dead, much was said
Turning weapons upon themselves,
Unidentified species found lodge
Within their corrupted brain
Still the governor has hidden the truth and hidden it well
Instead of allowing the world to know
Lack of parental and Godly love had driven their off spring insane.
Because they served the beast and knew not the Truth
They had nothing to neither live for nor purpose to go on,
They turned weapons on family and friends
Bring innocents lives to an end
We know not who or what is walking among human beings
The mighty law makers gave Guns and weapons
With permission to kill, to knock down and steal
The lives of the innocent as they entered class rooms
In the schools and on the grounds
Turning their weapons upon our children no reason has been found
Other than jealousy, neglect, rejection, pain and loneliness
Hate and racism must die
If not we all best to get ready to say good bye
The whole head is sick
This is no trick
I tell you no lie
If we don’t straighten up we are all
Going to die
At the hands of our young folks
Our next door neighbors
And let us not forget the mighty stranger.

The Whole Head Is Sick by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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