Have You Ever Had A Friend? (Shakespear1)

by Catherinebutterfly

dedicated to and inspired by: Shakespear1

Have you ever have a friend a wonderful friend,.
who touched you heart from head to toe?
Who pray with you, and made you feel they just
love you so, just for you,
but never personally met you? Well I have.
Have you ever felt your friend smiling at you,
standing by you, talking with you,
encouraging you, blessing you?
well I do, yes I have.
Have you ever just loved your friend just
because, ainĂt no cost,
itĂs just because they are them?
When I see their name my heart rejoices for
˘Good News÷ I know they bring, well I have?
My friend,
I met here on site.
Got a family, children and wife,
got a heart, lotĂs of love. Blessed of God...
HeĂs Sent from God without a doubt,
I know as we communicate during the day.
My friend sets special time to pray and
commune with God,
lifting me to the alter every day,
isnĂt this just loves way?
He feeds me spiritual food.
ItĂs general Faith.
As Faith comes by hearing,
and hearing by the Word of God,
and ˘Faith is what enables you to stand when
the going gets tough÷.
He feeds me the Word, with so much love.
˘You canĂt afford to be weak in this day
of adversity,
You canĂt afford to faint spiritually
in the trails of life.÷
Feeding me, ˘Food÷ for my soul.
My friend I value worth more than silver or gold.
You can over come the world because you got
the victory.
What Faith, what love, what power.
You can over come every evil thing that
comes against you he says,
if youĂll just keep your Faith strong.
Stay in the Word of God for
He is the only way,
these things my beautiful friend says.
Not one day but every day.
When I come on site.
If youĂll just keep your Faith strong,
God will heal all thing wrongs.
Have you ever had such a friend? I have.
The simple Key to keeping your Faith strong
is staying in the Word of God.
The only limitations are you,
have your friend ever said theses blessed
Words to you? Well I have.
If you give the Word more time,
God will give you more strength.
ThatĂs what wise believers do.
I have to say to My friend,
God loves you.
Have you ever had such a friend? I have.

Have You Ever Had A Friend? (Shakespear1) by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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