by Catherinebutterfly

 Manhood is the ability to hold your seed
That's why brothers and sisters we should
Pray and fast on bended knees

When you lay down with a harlot,
You become one flesh,
And you wonder why you are so depressed

So many folks are living in this mess
AIDS, HIV and STDs didn't just pop up one day
But was invited to dwell among
The dying generation.

Infecting the innocent by the millions
Because of Cheaters pleasure and making merry
Forbid pleasure does not sweeten the berries
Stolen Pleasures is the spirits of "Disease" crying
The more the merrier.
The devil has deceived.

In the eyes of God it is a marriage between woman and man
When you lay down with someone other than God's ordained
Partner for you, you commit the greatest of sin I promise you.
You become one with them and they become one with you.

It is a marriage in the eyes of God,
Even though there was no Pastor or priest present.
There is a soul tie and bonding and a deep longing
That takes place in the sharing of the Gift
Of the flesh before God's face
Each and every time with this illegal partner you embrace

Some saints are still carrying the guilt of
Sexual sins that were committed twenty years ago.
Yes sins committed way back then.

Others have had so many sexual relationships
They don't even know where to start breaking
The ties or pulling apart.

Many have joined with all of those individuals
In which they had lain.
Many are in early graves because for sex they
Was slain.

If only my brothers and sisters would use their brain
They would realize God does not live inside of
Any unclean thing.

Fornication begins in the heart
The place where most declare so does God.
God has not ordained for you to go through life in Misery
Marriage can become a beautiful thing when
It is entered into properly.

It is difficult when the priest or pastor is
Joining together not two people but twenty
Because the bride and groom have slept with so many

All of those spirits are joining together in the
Marriage bed.
What a sad case, what a bad case the true marriage
Between many is long time dead
This has led so many to their grave.
Guilt stands at the door of their heart
Refusing to allow them to be saved.

Fornication begins in the heart.
Every challenge that you meet has a seed in your heart
To live, love and let live,
Repent or you will never meet God
For He is the God that searches the heart.

The mind is an interesting thing
Because it indiscriminate.
It allows both seeds and weeds to grow.
Nature is indiscriminate, also

You are the one who has the power
To decide what will grown in your garden
If you don't weed your garden,
It will choke the seed, and you will have
A garden full of filth and disease
But to weed that garden you must get down on your knees.

Out of the heart, proceeds the issues of life
Dirt and filth will killed the space for Christ

Repent! Come clean and Let the Lord in, so He can
Give you eternal life.
Come, believe, receive, confess
Christ Jesus is standing,
Waiting as He's paid the price.
Come and with the Body of Christ
Join us in living Eternally
Even while here on earth Christ
You can receive and enjoy life abundantly

Harlot by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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