I Had A Dream

by Catherinebutterfly

I had a dream. I saw the King as He took His seat
And all the saints of God were at His feet.
For the Earth is the Lordís and all that is within.

Pollutions and sinning was coming to an ending.
The earth and the worldís system was witnessing
One calamity after another, starting in the family
With fathers and mothers.

The fires of Truth lay at their door as the spirit of Discipline
Filled the earth, new birth took place all over the world
Children of the Living God was taking their place
The world was now taking on a new face.
The Holy Spirit filled the church as never before
Anger and fear filled the air and the bible laid open
With directions as lessons after lessons stepped forward
The road map to life had seldom been used
The mothers and fathers had played the fool

Days Known as the Day of Calamity
No one will be safe, and nothing will come free
The peace of the rich will be history.
The day of the Lord is now at hand
The Lordís anger and wrath will slap the taste from
All ungodly women and men
And not a one of them will be able to stand.

Men and women will run far and near
Seeking to find rest for their souls out of fear
They will find peace only by coming to God
This place where the Lord is moving is much alive
The place known as the local church.
There will be no place to run to
No place upon this earth to hide.

The earth is about to see a day
When folks will beg God to have His way
When God will bring judgment upon institutions
That has tried to function as churches.
Godís church holds solutions, not pollution
There have been and shall never be for God a substitution.

These building and folks God have not founded,
Heís not empowered them
They can not and will not stay around.
They are not built according to the scriptural patterns
He have given them.
Not a one of these institutions come from Him.
Many God do not recognize as churches,
Because they have not kept the ordinances
He Jehovah God has set for the church.
Many the Father is now wiping off the face of the earth.
Many have forsaken the Lordís Table and baptism.
Judgment shall come upon them
They shall see the departing of Godís people
Out of those places the people of God will no longer ridge
For God is opening the gates of many sheepfolds, 
and He will cause the sheep to find green pastures 
where they will be fed and not mislead
The Lord will bring the church into a season of purging 
for the purpose of weeding out the parts of the body 
that are not pleasing unto Him, because they refuse to subject themselves to Him.
Know that the next decade and generation will see a period of excretion. 
The Church shall see a deportation of rubbish that has existed within her.

I Had A Dream by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 1989. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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