Green Bay Press, Probation Officer, Lionel, May 5, 2002

by Catherinebutterfly

Note: This is a letter written to the court.

I greet you in the mighty name of my Lord Jesus Christ. My son tells me not to write you, but I am doing it anyway.

To the woman labeled his P.O: I understand you want to know more about me. You have had the number for a while why didn't’t you pick up the phone and call me? Having spent time with my son. I find it strange that you did not take up the time to get to know him. How can you possibly make a report on someone that you do not know? You spend time with him. Yet you do not know any more about him accept the fact that he is Black, male and have a record. How did he treat you? Did he treat you like a woman beater? Your job title tells me that you are suppose to be a great judge of character, yet you have not been able to judge any other way than what you have read, or what someone else had to say. All black men are not cruel, nor are all black men rapist or want a little pure white woman. To His probation worker: you judged him according to a record that have followed him and will follow him for the balance of his life.

I understand you wanted to know about me. What would you like to know? I am 49 years of age. I am black four biological and one adopted child. Received the virtuous woman award in 1996 and 2000. I am an ordain minister, a artist, poet (Why doesn’t whites adopt black babies?” “The white man’s system” From God” A letter from God” and over four hundred poems” by the way Lionel god father is a white man) and I am a miracle and I believe in miracles.

I believe your question was did I abuse or misuse my child or children? What went wrong? You tell me Ms. I can only tell you that I know of two occasions where as my son served time for what he couldn’t have possibly committed. A story you might hear everyday. But had you people checked with the witnesses as the law required you would have found that your justice isn’t justice at all. To the jurors: My son has served time twice that I know of for what he had not done. But my little voice could not be heard. I have not cash and no power in your system of man made laws.

I believe in divine intervention. And I believe it will prevail. Sooner than any of you realize. What do you believe in? I believe in miracles and I believe in life after death. For those blessed with faith, there is no doubt and today I petition the father for my needs as well as my sons. “Ask and you shall receive,” seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you” Did you truly seek to find if my son was guilty or not? I don’t believe so. Still the power is in your hands. Because, you went to school to receive it, not because you are honest and know with out a doubt.

In the judicial system where cynicism seemingly knows no bounds, trust in God persists. I do not expect you to understand that “things aren’t’ always the way it seem”

I believe there is value in asking God to intercede in crisis, and this is a crisis. Being it something personal and direct. You see I have to tell God what’s going on as well as what I want. And as with any relationship, I don’t know in advance how it’s going to turn out.

I have experienced extraordinary results all of my life and I pray that you and yours are blessed to get to know God for yourself had you known him you would not have tried to label me or anyone else responsible for a crime that you can not prove, HAVE NOT PROVEN and don’t care whom committed it as long as you feel you can reach back into the past and think you’ve found a solution there are many men and women in prison today because of absolution's.

Jews ask how an event as horrific as the holocaust could have happened: We Blacks ask where God was when slavery took hold. Or when a baby dies or someone is murdered. The devil is in every court room and it is God who sends him away. So that’s what I am doing this day praying that God will be done in your life and yours just as he’s send him away so many time for mines..


Now why wasn’t I at his trial? I have degenerates disc diseases, a condition in which the cushioning between vertebrae has wasted away which causes pain and loss of function. Having just had surgery the trip was too much for me. Lionel have pleaded guilty to a few cases that we all know it was impossible for him to have committed one of them was the last case. The one where Ms. P.O is holding over his head due to false information. Lionel was found innocent of rape so they arrested him for cannabis. And the case was dropped for rape because she didn’t come to court. That’s a lie. The DNA proved he couldn’t have been the one. Western union proved that I had just send him the money. I gave permission for them to receive a copy of the sending. Yet she was given My money because she said he robbed her. The lawyer claimed he spend his money and took hers . when Lionel’s wife was called and asked how much money she told them what he had in his pocket. Go to the files and check for the truth if it is truth you people want. Your theory is DNA don’t lie. So you people took a charge that the police had all ready docked and changed it, arrested him, labeling the police a liar, because they stated that Whitehead had no drugs or alcohol on him. PROBATION SHOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPEN. THEN WHITEHEAD IS BLACK, NOT WHITE. HAD HE BEEN WHITE HE WOULD HAVE SUED AND YOU KNOW IT.

The police stated he was found without drugs, or alcohol yet he received two years probation. You people are no different then you was a hundred years ago. The P.O stated this is his reason for being on probation. Lady you are wrong, Lionel family have been shot to hell because he wanted a better life. He came to Greenbay without my blessing. His Godfather Peter D. Morrow felt this was the place for him to come to make a chance. I knew better. There is much different in a white world then a black world. We don’t hang you people when you come among us. You teach us to love you while you destroy us. We can do this by ourselves we don’t need your help to do this. Just as all blacks aren’t all bad, nor is all whites. Good. Peter, thought he was sending him away to grow and to live the rest of his life out leaving the past behind I tried to tell him that he was one in a million. Slave drivers and owner are still around. (Innocent, until proven guilty). It will never happen as long as money isn’t available for the lawyer that will represent the boys, men, girls and women when the system goes after them. Especially if a record can be found.

To the P.O: Sure I can sit here and say that my son was vulnerable by negative peer pressure which does not clear him. He was a child back then, but pointing to his family environment as a contributing factor in criminal behavior you lady are out of place.

When it comes to crimes, there is no one that can beat rich whites. Does being a doctor or lawyer, teacher etc; made a different, in what the off springs will do or does? Before you label me or anyone else you need to go over your files and see how many black boys are in your system and how many whites walked. I am not afraid of what you or anyone can do to me. I only feel sad that you people feel that you can label and judge others by your books instead of common sense and the word of God. Your books are written by human beings and machines that were created by human beings. I do not say subhuman because it’s not in me to do so. Although you treat us like it. . My son told me today the P.O gave him eight months probation. That’s pitiful. How could she violate him when he was never proven guilty? He was deemed as guilty by a system that does not know what it means to “repent” God forgives man does not and man will never be God no matter how many lives they think they can control. Maybe god but never God. Other then the programmed minds of those little white jurors, brain washed by the system to believe that a “Black” was guilty and a “Black” must pay. It can’t and wasn’t even proved that the crime took place.

To Ms. P.O: With time pending you made sure you got your bid in, did you not? And if he is to serve time and get out why do you want him to stay around? I told him in the first place not to tell you he was leaving Green bay until his time was up because he would never make it out of there and so he foolishly trusted you and there it is. He’s still in Green Bay. You wouldn’t allow him to come home and now your are telling him that when he gets out if he ever get out you still want to keep him. Why? What does he do for you? Ask most boys in prison what they wanted to be and they’ll say “a lawyer”. So you feel because he have been imprison he can’t chance and will revert to what he was locked away for if he gets out. And he’s the kind of criminal people want off the street. And behind bars. Then why did you keep him there when he could have gotten transferred away from there with your permission? You wouldn’t even allow him to come home to visit for the holidays. Who are you? The woman with the power of the black man life in her hand? You used it too did you not? Hats off to you lady. So you help lock him up now I want you to walk into the next room at your own home and take a good look at the future criminal that you are breeding, because that’s what most little white children are. But they learn to beat the system they make the laws and they break the laws. You people are locking him away because you feel that he is a threat to the community, because of his habitual use of alcohol drugs and thievery along with this lengthy and significant history of criminal activities.

Your belief speaks for itself. How many of those crimes did he keep silent and serve time for? Go over the record Ms. “Honor among thieves” just as in the justice system “one hand wash the other”. When these boys or men go into the court and they are threaten with long term sentences they are taught to plea bargain even when they are innocent, because you people are so quick to find them guilty. It is a time and a season for every thing.

This case wasn’t about the crime but about a criminal. It was recklessness, so excessive that the justice system became the perpetrators, didn’t care that they was destroying a family and a man that had finally learned what it meant to be come a family. Are you at peace with the conviction? Is Mr. and Mrs. Brown content with the conviction?

We each reap what we sow. And believe me Ms. Brown needs to go over in her mind again what she said. (The Limburg case. To Kill a Mocking Bird” can be written from here). You see each and every day you people write about your crimes and place them before the people. In the Limburg case (I am sure the spelling is wrong but it doesn’t matter.) Knowing that he did not recognize the man’s voice the father of that child testified that he spoke with the man. ( Did he the father, really feel that his child would be blessed by God and receive rest because someone was being punished?) Or would you say this is a form of Misattribution? If Mr. Brown did not remember the gloves believe me there were no gloves?

TO GREEN-BAY WI: I can under stand that the judges in your state are trying to employ a no nonsense court of law but in the process many are serving time, being railroad due to prejudice, lies and fear. You and your system found my son guilty deeming you worst then he have ever been, he might have broken the law in the pass but you people commit homicide daily. I am suppose like you to exercise professionalism and I am also like you are very opinionated which means apparently both you and I have not done our jobs.

Perspective is one of the hardest things to maintain as a mother because we don’t get the time and distance to let bad feelings dissipate. Today’s failure gets added to yesterday’s unrecorded child developing withdrawals and layers and layers of bad feeling and problems build. Unlike you people we are not always fortunate enough to send our children to the nanny if they do anything wrong. Or take off from work and sit with them and hold their hands when they are hurting or in need of attention. I pray that you each are and have. Because one way or the other, one day the words you read here today is coming at you. It might be grand children instead of children but they will be yours. What goes around comes around.

TO THE TWELVE JURORS: The jewel of the American criminal justice system is supposed to be the jury. Twelve open minded people standing between the might of the government and an accused individual, the color of their skin should not matter but it does. Especially in a town such as yours. So it must be acknowledge that today that many a trial before a jury is often a roll of the dice, with all the randomness and uncertainty that implies. We see juries acquitting obviously guilty defendants like the police in the Rodney King trial and unable to reach a verdict in even the most overwhelming cases like that of the Menendez brothers. The priests that have raped all those young boys have destroyed more lives than my son could ever have yet you people try and justify them. Sin is sin. People wake up. The color of the skin does not deem one right or wrong. Education does not deem one right or wrong. You allow real criminal to go and you lock up ex cons like my son and a few others not because evidence proved him guilty among a reasonable doubt but because he have a record yet you, people claim to believe in Christ, the good book, God whom say “Nothing is impossible” be renewed by your mind. Saved by Grace. Correction some of you believe. You people play God. You people want so to be God. You seek power to the point of death. And then you try and flee death too.

Look at the case with O. J. Simpson’s criminal trial, defense attorney Johnnie Cochran singled out the paid jury consultant for thanks just as the lawyer and judge in my son’s case told the jury I will meet with you in my chambers to thank you for a job well done. Like O. J cases evidence was discounted as though it were of no significance, and they had made no distention between factual evidence and attorney suggestion. The constitution does not require unanimous verdicts.

“A criminal trial is society’s way of seeking justice when the life and liberty of its citizens are jeopardized but because of the defects and deficits in our system, the American court room is dangerously out of order. Our criminal justice system should be engaged in a search for the truth. For without truth, how can our society maintain the ideals, values and principles upon which it was founded?” (Judge Harold J. Rothwaz “Guilty the Collapse of Criminal Justices”

Now you have my statement and you could have had it sooner. Yes, I am Lionel Whitehead's mother. And I love my son just as much as you love yours.


Since the writing of this letter to GreenBay WI. My son has been sentence as you know. Also the news have been filled with Judges and Lawyers killing, raping and stealing and going to jail. One judge whole family was destroyed. It is a bad thing to judge without knowing the Lord.

My letter was written out of anger and bitterness. Because of what the Probation Officer called and said to me. "Did you abuse your son?". I snapped. She then turned a copy of the letter over to the judge and the judge said in court. "Your mother is a wise, well educated woman, too bad she is a racist and a minister" He was out of order. He then told my son he would never see day light outside of the prison again. My family blamed me for my son sentencing. But I know when a judge tell a jury that he expect a return verdict of guilt and the jury returns in less then twenty minutes with that verdict of guilt something is wrong. The finger prints did not belong to my son. They wouldn't tell us who they belonged to. There was no broken locks, windows etc. The couple claimed they went to sleep with the door unlocked after someone had been breaking in for every other week stealing money they had in a safe place for bills. This woman testified to this. She also said that nothing was on but the television. My question to the lawyer is try turning out all of your lights leaving the television on and allow one of your own to walk before it and see if you can clearly identify them. There is no way that the couple could have identified my son before a television set with all the lights out. He's jet black. I later wrote a short story with paintings called "Killing a Mocking Bird". "What Ever Happened to Jim Crow" and "The Black Kill" because that's what they did.

Green Bay Press, Probation Officer, Lionel, May 5, 2002 by Catherinebutterfly

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