Going Home

by Catherinebutterfly

I pray as I leave this place, I leave it worthy with no shame

I pray that all my suffering and joys has not been in vain.

I pray Iíve touched a few lives and delivered a few souls

They tell me I am going either to Heaven or Hell while

I tell them I am just going Home, not back into my Earthly

Motherís womb or my Earthly Father DNA, but back into

My Fatherly heart, who sent me, on this long journey, as He

Formed me, and prepared me, placing me in that warm, healthy sack,

So that I would survive within my Earthly motherís womb

Safely all protected until the time to come fore was right.

And I would be able to push fore into the Earthly light.

I canít remember the day He breathed life into my nostrils

Nor can I remember when or how He sat me down upon the warmth

Of my Earthly parents heart.

But what I do know is Father gave me a great start.

I pray that someone will remember that I had a big, given heart.

And that I loved unconditionally all that I did meet

Be they in my Earthly father and motherís family or met them in the streets.


I want to be remembered for Love, Life and Support.

I want to be remembered as a True Child of God

I want to be remembered as one blessing homeless,

Motherless, fatherless children wherever I might have found them,

I want to be remembered as a Trusting Soldier in Godís Army of Life

I wanted to be remembered as one representing The Christ.


I donít need any room filled with flowers

I enjoyed them while I was here.

I donít need a expensive coffin, because I wonít be living there

I donít need any tears when I leave; I shed enough on my visit here

I just need to have lived this old life pleasing, loving,

And obedient to Father God.


I live to hear ĎWell done my childĒ when I enter into the Realm of Life

I live to look upon the face of my Savior Jesus Christ.

I live each day as I walk Mother Earth telling someone about the

ďKingdom of GodĒ

I live each day trying to touch lives and ease pain in broken hearts.

I donít always succeed, then who does?

So I want you all to remember me as one filled with unconditional love.


I leave this world for a greater place, a place known to me as Love.

I leave this place they tell me on a cloud all of my own

But I donít know, and I donít remember the place that I come from

Because God wiped out the memories, just know, I canít wait to return

Like Paul said in his letters that I did read and I know many of you did too

That the place weíre headed for is a place designed and created by Jesus Christ

As He left here to prepare, and itíll all be brand new.

So I stay bent on bended knees

And I pray for forgiveness every day

I lie before the Father for every one of you,

I pray daily that none get left behind

I pray you all get to Know the Christ before it is your time


So if, No! Correction! When! 

I leave this old place called home, for the better one

I ask you and you to remember me, 

with loving compassion as I return back where I belong.  

You see I am tiered now, my time here has come and gone, 

and Father Jehovah told Jesus Christ to tell the Angels to come for me, 

so I can come back home.

I pray Iíd earned my wings, with this stay here with each of you.  

I pray that I did most of what my Father sent me to do...


Oh well if you are reading this, 

and there are others in the room, it doesnít matter now

What you thought or how you felt, I am no longer among you, 

for that old fleshly body Iíve left.

Iíd travel like the wind, and I want you all to know 

I appreciate each of you for kindly dropping in.

Donít shed a tear; donít cry for me, I am safe and secure.

I have done what you got to do and that is make, it back home too.

Going Home by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2011. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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