In The Ghetto

by Catherinebutterfly

The Law has been fixed.
the lawmakers took
the verbal of God out of the schools
but they just don't know
what they've done.
but we're here in the Ghetto
got's to tell them Devil you ain't won.
Blacks in the ghetto will yet stand
meaning every woman and every man.
Divided we fall
one and all
so the devil think
but I am here to tell you
The Ghetto's not going down like that.
we've been down long enough
and now with the freedom of Truth
Holding Jesus's hands we're pulling up.
Together we stand be us right or wrong,
as children of God we'll get alone
we're  learning to love
yes it's a learned process
we're learning to live
As Jehovah God Will's
 We're putting down the dope,
alcohol, habits and pills.
Your man made highs
we're making you no more deals.
as we once pledged allegiances to the flag
one nation under God among ourselves,
now that it's been taken from the school,
and the lawmakers has broken the Ghettos heart,
yet they are angry because no one is following their rules 
they believe that we in the Ghetto will fall flat on our face
but I'm here to tell you.
we shalt study ourselves to be approved
and we're here to let you folks know
we will live by only God's rules.
we ain't your slaves no more.
Filled with the Holy Ghost'
Baptized, Sanctified. and
Willing to make a new start
We aim to please only one God
Jehovah God.
We once pledged allegiances to the flag ,
You took it away
That's so very sad
this thing you law makers
have done because you could
without prayer in the school you truly believe
those in the Ghetto don't have a chance.
But our success isn't control by man.
We're God's children and we're in God's land
even here in the Ghetto we are all in God's hand.
See it's not just the ghetto being turned out to Hell
It's your children too can't you tell
Now as long as there's
prayer, power and people who care,
our children will win no matter where
we might be and what you might think
No matter what you foolish lawmakers
throw at us.
 We in the Ghetto will stand
as we bond together, holding on to Jesus's hand.
the system will see very soon.
without out God there will be no History.
and so we in the Ghetto bond together in Jesus name
Giving Glory to God as we take our stand.

In The Ghetto by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2010. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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