Black Genocide

by Catherinebutterfly

Slavery is over we have been told
but so many young blacks have no control
over their lives or regarding their needs
Daily I write probe and poems as a plead
to touch basic with the Black man's needs
Not since slavery have there been so many Blacks dying
running in the streets crying and listening to antichrists lying
leading them more and more into darkness, stupidity and sadness
The calamities and catastrophes on black males and female,
have consumed the prisons and jails
The poor young black in the ghettos rushing into hell.
not all black men, mainly the poor black men an endangered species
the upper class, lower classes don't mix at all
most never get to know each other,
or spin time together as brothers and sisters
doesn't matter if they are of the same blood. 
living in the Ghetto we still find love alive
the rich just don't live in the Ghetto
most won't come to the Ghetto.
slums surround them, no future they see for them
fighting and killing over the tucf where they live
many of them maimed,  kill by neighbors family and friends
ordered to obey their leaders will.
just children themselves they learn to kill.
conscious gone, no place to call home
on the streets they live until a trusting person they meet.
take time with them and save them from self and the streets. 
an endangered species
The Black man is
an endangered species of people dehumanized.
a species at risk in existing.
a race set apart, implicitly as less than fully equal
with other human beings.
not trying to stereotype poor black men and women
at all not trying to make it harder to fully appreciate
the pressures affecting their lives,
The Black man
 well in the reach of genocidal telling each others lies
killing their sisters and brothers not giving a care who dies
even their own they're taking them out.
educated, uneducated among them it's the same,
can't get out, can't stay,
and so they go right on blowing each other away.
a people strongly denying the verge of genocide
black men and women totally dehumanized
black men in the inner cities
so many victims not many winners
a bitter irony for many in the white society,
labored and tagged,
so many young people on the loose running mad. 
willing to kill their own
a specie of male and female distinctly a predatory group
largely responsible for their impoverished, violent, and shortened lives.
An endangered species. black genocide on the rise. 
Everywhere in the USA, viewed as lunacies.
black men and women in America is known as sick
potential targets of genocide every day
Black on Black crime on the rise, bluntly,
decrying in themselves to annihilate the black race.
The assault of black-American paranoia their world.
Some Black American fear 'genocide while others  rush into it with open eyes
don't care about living ain't afraid die
not by guns or each other hands,
but when it comes to the police coming at them,
they'd rather give up their lives and die,
Elders in the city living all alone,
senior all paranoid afraid to leave home ,
the young rushing to genocide'
blowing any and everyone away. 
The implication is that one must be crazy—
more specifically, paranoid—
thinking  young Black Americans are victims of genocide.
black genocide,
black men are subjected to many disabling conditions
that restrict opportunity, inflict pain and suffering, and shorten lives.
black males institutionalized led to the slaughter.
the plight of poor black males goes beyond simple political oppression
crosses the threshold of genocide.
this is only part of the true, but not a word is a lie
just look around you, open you own eyes
watch the news, check the net room,
black on black crime  it's genocide

Black Genocide by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2010. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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