Follow Me

by Catherinebutterfly

Follow Me!
Follow Me! Jesus said
All you got to do is, Follow Me.
This is all Christ asks of us – to follow Him.
We may have to face death as the apostles did,
but just follow Him.
We may have to face sickness or confusion –
follow Him.
We may face financial trials – follow Him.
We may face spiritual battles – follow Him.
We may face discouragement –
 just follow Jesus Christ.
When we learn to follow Jesus Christ,
We will learn how to be a successful Christian life.
We will stop doing things our own way,
and start doing things God’s way.
Follow Him
We will discover we are a lot happier doing it His way.
We won't always have a perfect day
When we do it His way,
Jesus Christ never promised us perfect days or perfect nights
He just said to Follow Him and we'll get Eternal Life.
But Know, if we desire Eternity in the Kingdom of God
We must do it His way, not our way  
"Obedience to Jesus Christ’ command, that we Follow Him
Follow Me,
The key issue in every Christian’s life.
Meaning, you husbands, children and wives
As Jesus Christ followed the Father’s will,
If you are His disciples you will follow the Lord whether
the path leads to a cross or to some other difficult experience.
When we learn to follow Jesus Christ,
then we will not become distracted from the task
He has given us.   Follow Him!
We will then see clearly to be able to minister to others.
We will be able to feed the lambs,
tend the sheep, and feed the sheep.
Jesus commissioned us to do these things,
Let us be willing to follow Christ 
fulfill the calling he has placed on our lives.

Follow Me by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2011. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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