Death, The Great Equalizer

by Catherinebutterfly

Death is the great equalizer. Take the Titanic for instance, at the point in the movie where the ship was on its nose, slowly sinking into the icy waters. The lifeboats were already separated from the luxury liner, leaving the rest of the people clinging to their last few minutes of life. It is a horrible scene, especially due to the fact that this movie was based on a very real disaster that took over 1500 lives. The ship sinking, the people dying, despite all the ways man creates to separate himself from other men, death is the great equalizer!

On that great ship were people of great privilege, people of incredible wealth. On that ship you also had those who had nothing. However, on that fateful night, there were men worth millions who died in those icy waters along side of men who didn't even have $1. At the moment they took their last breath, their name, their job, their bank account, what they may or may not have accomplished during their life, all ceased to matter. At the moment they took their last breath, the only thing that mattered was their relationship with Jesus Christ, nothing else.

This is the foolishness of putting everything you have into these few years on earth. James calls life "a vapor." The Bible tells us tomorrow is promised to none of us, that each day is a gift from God. Most people live their lives like they will never die, spending every second fulfilling the desires of their flesh. Their entire focus is on these few brief years and all of their time and energy, talents and resources, are invested in a life that will be gone in the blink of an eye.

If rich folks like the ex-president Bush or Donald Trump would die without accepting Christ into his heart, like the rich man in Luke 16, the moment they die they will be eternally separated from God. All of their billions, all of their great accomplishments, all of their "good works," will not matter. The moment they die there is only ONE THING that will matter, and that is if they has accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Likewise, if a homeless man in Chicago dies but knows Christ as his Savior, like Lazarus, the moment he dies he will be eternally with God his Creator. The fact he had no money, or no possessions, or never did great things in his life will not matter. The moment he dies there is only ONE THING that will matter, and that is if he has accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. DEATH IS THE GREAT EQUALIZER!

What is the main focus of your life today? Is it solely focused on these few short years, or are you preparing for your eternal home? Are you using each day to lay up treasure where moth and rust doth corrupt, or are you laying up treasure in Glory? Do you spend your day on the temporal or the eternal? How much of your time, talent, and treasure is spent on this life versus your eternal life? These are all serious and legitimate questions only you can answer. Another good question you need to ask yourself is what will your legacy be? Are you working to build a legacy in this temporal world, or are you working to build a legacy that will stand for all eternity?

Death, The Great Equalizer by Catherinebutterfly

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