The Devil and Us...

by Catherine Butterfly

I preached a sermon: "The devil want our children" and everyone sat silent as if they didn't care or was afraid to say anything. Truth I am sure hit them in their gut like a ton of bricks. There isn't a day that pass murders isn't in the news. From coast to coast, Chicago, Mississippi, Florida, New York to California, in a premeditated fashion, it's no longer our little young thugs children now, it's all over the world. People have gone out with the sole purpose of killing large numbers of innocent peo ple. We have always been horrified with isolated events, but many people are now sitting down, planning, then carrying out the mass murder of innocent people for no apparent reason. Uptown has grown into a field of target practice by inconsiderable heathens.

Social scientists have proffered numerous theories why there is such a dramatic increase in these episodes of mass murders. The economic crisis, a growing number of mentally unstable people in society, more and more people living isolated lives. I contend that we will see a continued increase of these sad stories of mass murder,even in the family. Parents killing children and children killing parents and it is due to the spiritual depravity that exists in our culture.

We live in a culture of death. Human life has little to no value. Marriage and the family have broken down, causing a breakdown in the key component of our society. Most people have no foundation of faith in their lives and live literally like animals. Our children are clearly instruments satan is using in these last day as resources and power to try and destroy the autonomy of families and this free nations. I contend that the void of Biblical Truth has led us on this path we are on towards socialism and being part of a one-world system. It is no coincidence that the decline of Christianity in the past 40 years and the void of Biblical Truth as a guiding presence in our culture, has opened the door for this path that we are on.

Once we decided God was not first, have left God out of our decisions, are guided by our own truth instead of Biblical Truth, as Deuteronomy 8 warns, we are on a path of destruction and will be destroyed! . We make a mockery of God's Holy Institutions of Marriage and the family. We engage in every kind of perverted sexual practice man has been able to dream up. We worship and bow down to the false gods and idols of this world. We have LONG ago forsaken God and His Truth. We give lip service to God but our hearts are far from Him.

Some have made half-hearted attempts to dispute that this is still a Christian nation. They cite huge percentages of people who believe in God, call themselves Christians, and go to church. First, these huge numbers are very misleading. While we still have an active, but dwindling Christian subculture, the reality is we have virtually ZERO impact on society or the culture we live in. We have retreated behind the four walls of our churches and left the culture to the wolves of satan to devour. This is clearly no longer a Christian nation and hasn't been for many years now.

The fillings of prisons and institutions with our children, we have paid into, caused by hate,material obsessions, recognition and racism, lead by desire for the need of power,has become nothing less than legal prisons plantations. It is with our permissions that these animals are doing these things because we did not take the time before voting going before the one and only true God in prayer and waiting upon His answer, How many of us took time to study the history as well as being sure they are Christia ns before signing our John Hancock on the bottom line, Living outside the laws of the Father we have not only fail our children but ourselves and most of all our God.

Know that our not taking time to recognize the demonic forces that controls the justice system we have allowed ,the justice system full rights and our permitted to hold our families as commodities, control our homes and children and murders to walk the streets, as well as sit on the bench that once held godly true trusting authority blessed by the High God of existence, The seat that once held true laws, has long time stepped down in honoring the all mighty dollar and need of recognition. The hunger for power has misled those that trusted and believed in it. this is probably as great an indicator as any of the spiritual decline of this nation. For this nation to embrace such perversion, to arrogantly try to re-define God's definition of marriage, and give such perversion a prominent place in our culture speaks volumes. We will surely be judged by God one day, just like He judged Sodom and Gomorrah as well as His chosen people!

I love you and care about you so much. You read up to this point and you can get pretty discouraged. The point of this message today is just the opposite. It is in this spiritual void that I believe in my heart we can see real revival break out. The end result of all of these issues is that people are hurting, and deep down looking for hope and answers. We have the answers and hope they are looking for. There is still a small window for this nation to repent, turn back to God and to His Truth. Our time is now!

We as a people, especially a people of color need to get together and realize that we are just as much in slavery as two hundred years ago. If one of us isn't free nor are the others. We need to fall on our knees and ask the Father to forgive us for lacking parenthood, fatherhood, motherhood. We need to pull our children by the ears and dragging them into the house of God. Not all these pretty buildings presenting themselves as churches are houses of God, no matter how their cries of righteousness an d beauty are build by the blind faith of your mighty dollars, it is not a design or temper of Jehovah God. If we don't stop now there will be no turning back to God and His Truth!!!

God is calling you today, wants to use you today to help bring revival to this nation. yes, eventfully we will be judged for our sins and wickedness, but I believe we can stay God's hand of judgment just like Nineveh did. Over 120,000 souls were saved in Nineveh because they turned to God! I believe that we can see millions of our people released of all races from the prisons and grips of satan with true repentants as we turn to God in the wake of true parents kneeling and fasting before the Father for the lives and souls of their children and love ones as well as our nation. The Black race is slowly disappearing. All our men are in prisons, most serving life or more then five years. Children do not know their fathers, /moth ers. They are being raced by others, mixing with other races afraid of their own.

Why are our young people filling the prisons?. They are filling the prisons because of lack of parental guidance, godly instruction, godly examples. Knowledge of the One and Only Truth God. Lack of respect. Lack of true identity. Children should be taught while in the womb the Word of God. Not bathed in alcohol and drugs as they lie drunk in wait of their arrival. Our children live what they learn. Fear, hate, thief, bitterness, sex, disrespect. No respect of persons. You can keep living your life, taking care of yourself, or you can sacrifice your life and allow God to use you for His glory. When you come to the end of your life, it is not what you did for yourself that will matter, but what you did for God. Read that again. When you come to the end of your life, it is not what you did for yourself that will matter, but what you did for God!!!

THAT MY FRIEND WILL BE OUR LASTING LEGACY!!! Not one of us is perfect. Not one of us can afford to claim to be better then anyone else. Big pretty buildings and lo ts of people filling them on Sunday or Saturday does not make it a house of God. God bless you and I pray that if you do no more then bible study with your children at home, allowing the Father to lead, God will be pleased with your turn around. Letting God is what we all need to do. Now we see clearly another reasons God did not want to give man a king. Judge, leader etc; Where have they lead us?

The Devil and Us... by Catherinebutterfly

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