Woman's God's Creation!

by Catherinebutterfly

That very night God appeared to Solomon and answered his plea. 
"...if my people who bear my name humble themselves, 
and pray and seek my presence and turn from their wicked ways, 
I myself will hear from heaven and forgive their sins 
and restore their land." (2 Chron 7:12-14).

Woman! God's Chosen Creatures

My Lord is my all in all
From the beginning of time
I have loved my God,
Who is divine
Nor only is my God divine,
He's divine love,
Who created all creatures, male and female
Producing those of their own kind.
My God intended for them to manifest
And share that same divine love to all mankind
As he finished that day and took a rest
He God saw it all as good, and then He blessed
Them and took a seat, to enjoy His children
As they ran and played but that was short lived
Old Lucifer turned that beautiful garden into a grave

See God therefore needed Adam to exist as a physical being,
So that He God could carry out His most blessed dream.

So that He, the spiritual God, could incarnate Himself
Through the incredible divine act of love making
Between a man and a woman and their partaking.
Before you judge me to be wrong,
Bear with me just a little longer
For after awhile I will be a goner.

God also wanted to love Eve through Adam in
That lovemaking relationship,
And thorough that divine relationship,
God intended to create another new image of Himself.
His own sons and daughters, His lineage, his own family.
I tell you my God were as happy as He could be.
As He daily visited with His loving family.
As He played with them, educated them, and watched
Them grow. God loved them more than they'd ever know.

God wanted to love Eve through Adam
And Adam through Eve
He wanted to experience the love of Eve
Through Adam and be an intricate part of their
Eve and her female role must have been already
Conceived in God's mind, all the time
In God's heart, in God's spirit and essence while He
Was creating Adam His first son
The angels and Dear Father had great fun

The relationship of woman to a man involves
five dimensions if you didn't know:
The relationship of husband and wife;
Daughter and father, friend to a friend,;
Mother and son; brother and sister.
All these connects brought about life
Could only be done through a husband and wife.
God absolutely wanted to experience those
Five dimensions in and through the love
Relationship between Adam and Eve.
Love is Father God and He intend to please

Now allow me to go a little farther
As things rolled alone
Follow me closely so you won't get
What I tell you wrong.

Woman is the mother of God;
The sister of God;
The spouse of God
And the Love of God.
All born out of the heart of God

That ugly cruel day in the garden
When Eve took that first bite
Deep in her heart she knew it wasn't right
That was the first dark day woman did know
The brightness in her soul would never show
Any more. As she threw out the powerful spirit
Of the Holy Ghost.
The face of the Father neither of them would
Ever in the physical see any more.

To the devil the Divine Creator loss his mother,
Daughter, wife, friend, and sister.
What did humanity lose?
They lost their divinity.
Through disobediences and eating of a forbidden
Way a minute, way a minute listen to me
The knowledge I am giving you didn't come
I've told this same story throughout history
But they too didn't listen to me.
But if I tell a lie, like them you would believe me.
God lost the chance to the physical sensations
In the physical realm; of love, of the air and the earth,
And His creation that He had dreamed
By giving freedom of choice, and the right to choose
Greed and curiosity stepped out of the realm of selfishness
As their daddy Lucifer intended them to,
They killed the first couple like they are killing many of you.

Since God has no physical body, human beings were necessary
For God to truly experience His divine order in the physical world.
He created thousands of years with man on His mind
As time moved on, God said now this is Good,
As the Father God knew it would,
While He has been patiently toiling to create those of His own kind
The devil Lucifer stepped up and stole the woman's mind
And said oh no, the womb will bring unto me
A family of mines that will never be free,
Because daddy trade me for them
As much as He knew I loved him.
His children they will never be. 

Woman's God's Creation! by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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