Rest In Peace Cousin Sue

by Catherinebutterfly

The Death Angels came late one night
They took my cousin Sue without a fight
While she was home
They called her sister early in the a.m
To tell her she was gone.
Her hands laid upon her breast as if
she was taking a much needed rest
she held her breast because it felt tight
she complaint often because it hurt her all night

The death angels said to Cousin Sue: 
it's all right
Jesus has sent us to bring you home tonight
Sue! with you, is this alright? we just want to
make everything alright?

Cousin Sue shook her head and held her heart.

"Death Angel, Did Jesus really send you?" 

"Did Jesus really tell you to come for me?"

"That He is going to set me free?"

"Now death angel you wouldn't lie to me, will ya?"

The angels lift cousin Sue out the bed,
Cousin Sue looked at them and smile and said.

"Death Angels, I feel so light in the head
My body feels like it's a float
For a moment Cousin Sue thought it all was a joke

They took her, they carried her singing and laughing 
they slowly took her with them.
They told cousin Sue how much God love her.
Now my cousin is Gone home ~
to be with her mama Dorthy, grandma Sue
Grand dad H.T and a few uncles and sibling too
And never again will she be alone
 now that she'd found her way home.

Her pain and suffering, at last came to an end,
Praise God she had given Jesus her sin.
Our Heavenly Father love her so
That His Holy angels He did send.
And cousin Sue life down here did end
But as it did the new one begin

She's gone home
I said out loud after her uncle hung up the phone
Then I cried and gave God the praise
Praising God my cousin was saved
At last Cousin Sue has found some peace
The pressures of the world she's done released
she's no longer alone thank You my Lord
Never again will anyone treat her wrong
Nor will she cry herself to sleep
because she don't like being alone

God sent His angels to take her home
To a place where tears are no more
To a place Jesus went and prepare
for all the saints and children of God

My cousin, Sue is Gone now resting in peace
sitting at home at Jesus feet. ~

I can see her walking through that final door
As she enters heavens holy shore
she don't have to worry about loneliness and emptiness
Ever no more or holding her chest or jaw because it's sore.
My Cousin, she's gone home and she won't be lonely
Ever any more.

The angels in heaven song softly as they escorted her
Through the gate, and then they took her to the room
Where Grace awaited with the promised Bride Groom
Hope stood smiling at her,
Joy surrounded her,
holding her closely then entered her.
Peace took total control
While Jehovah God held her precious soul

Praise You God she's gone home where she belongs
Where fear doesn't exist
Where sorrow and worry does not abide
And she doesn't have to hide the pain inside
My cousin is Gone home ~ home, at last,
in the heavens above,
Living as she were meant to be,
freely with our Fathers love.
To live by Jesus side.
Where she can finally rest
Dear Cousin has passed  Life's test
Holy, Holy, Holy the angels sing
Another one of God's daughters who is
truly blessed has come home after passing
this worldly test.
So long Cousin Sue until we meet again.

Rest In Peace Cousin Sue by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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