It Takes Courage!

by Catherinebutterfly

So young, so beautiful, so dumb, all of you are so dumb

Glancing around the room, the little old man sobbed into his half empty glass.

Do you know my friend it takes unspeakable courage to live in this old beat up world
Among all these fools, and corpes... it took some courage for me to be born, to crawl
Out into this cruel world, young and inexperienced?" but here I am. 
Yep, here I am all of meÖthe old drunk man said

Softly placing his now empty glass up on the table, 
he took the back of his hand and wipes his lips.
Did you hear me, child? Did you hear me? 
I know you think I am just a drunk, but do you know why I am a drunk?
Lending forward to look in her eyes, the little old man went on. 
It takes enormous courage to grow up; youíd like to tell me I am lying. 
But you canít...see I know, I know I grew up, and every since I have tried to become a child...
Children dream, they run they play.. at least they use to when I was a child.
All Iíve ever done is work, work, work, take orders and work. 
Pay bills and work, and more work, for an aóhole that donít even know me, 
donít even like me, and never tried to know me for forty years, 
and now he puts me out to pastures because I canít work no more. 
Without even giving me a pension.

Yep it takes enormous courage to grow up, to dream, to work, and to risk making mistakes. 
But as long as you live in this manís world you are gonna do just that, no matter how you try...
Work and work, and when you canít work any more theyís gonna put you out to pastures Öjust you wait and see. 
Do you hear me? Another please!

He called out to the bartender.

One more round over here. It takes steadfast courage to be disciplined. 
To take responsibility, and to keep trying after disappointments. 
Well I had all of that when I started out but I failed. 
I failed on the way side and I have been there every since. 
It takes courage, discipline and to own up to your responsibility and to keep trying... 
You look like a simple couple listen to me, and listen well. 
Donít give up even after you fail and find yourself disappoint... 
Keep on keeping on. Donít be too proud to call out to God. 
I am telling you what God loves... God loves you, and you, and he use to love meÖÖ

Hey Mister Gold Digger
Addressing the man sitting with the woman across from him...
Thatís right I am talking to youÖ tell these babies who think they know something, they know nothing. 
Tell them how it takes gallant courage to be rich. 
To be poor, and to always give unstintingly of yourself. 
Can you do that old fellow? Oh thatís right all you have to do is be...
Ha, ha, ha, the old man laughed.
I forgot you donít do anything for yourself not even speak.
ĒDonít bother the customersí old manĒ the bartender said.
Bother the customer, what am I? Thatís right I almost forgot I am a drunk... 
how did I become a drunk...sitting here, yep! 
Sitting here every night for the past fifteen years making you rich off my hard earned money.

Now you donítí even see me as a customer you see me as an old drunk. 
Been coming here all my life... now even my moneyís no longer any good here. 
Turning around to face the young man to his left, 
lending forward he lifted his glass as if to salute his invisible foes the old man laughed again. 
It takes dauntless courage my friend to balance successes with defeats 
and to still relish lifeís sweetness, am I right Mister Gold Digger? 
After a moment of silent the old man turned back around on the stool. 
Thatís alright you donít have to answer me. Silence speaks for itself... yep! 
The old man said as he laid the glass down... i
t takes invincible courage to grow older. 
And then you donít wanna get any older. 
Cause your time donítí mean nothing no more. 
Youíve worked all your life, took care of folks all your life 
and one day you come home and theyís all gone. 
You ask yourself. Self what did I do wrong? 
old self gets to naming some s..t that you would have never though of. 
But old self didnít lie... Old self told you the truth. 
What do you do? What do you do when you canít lie to you?
It takes invincible courage to not speak aged counsel, 
and to peruse mortality with a calm eye. 
But as you grow old you find that ainít all you need courage for. 
You need courage to wake up in the morning, 
so I take one of these home with me every night.. 
Hugging the Jack Daniels the old man cries out to the bartender, 
wrap it up I am going home, especially since you donít want me here no more. 
Spend all my hard earned money now you got new customers and you donít want me here. 
I am a none violent man so I am gonna thank you for serving me sir 
and I am going to pick this old tired what I use to call a body up and I am going on home. 
It takes a noble courage to be a gentle soul; 
ďSirĒ said the young woman as her husband helped him from his seat. 
ďIt takes courage to seek oneís God.Ē 
the old man stopped wobbling looked up at the young woman 
and said ďand Christ like mettle to live like GodĒ 
then the old man turned around again, 
wiped his mouth with the sleeve of his shirt..
ďYep! It takes courageĒ said Mister Gold Digger. 
ďAnd old man, youíve got thatĒ. 
Turning looking at Mister Gold Digger, 
the old man said ďSee ya later my brother. 
See you when you get home. And donít wake me upĒ... 
And he staggered on out the door. 
Yep it takes courage to wake up every morning to a world as beautiful as this.

It Takes Courage! by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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