Coretta Scott King: 1927-2006

by Catherinebutterfly

"She wore her grief with grace. She exerted her leadership with dignity

Worked hard all her life, a child of God, a friend, a wife. 
A partner, mother and never thought about it twice.

She was the glue. Long before she met and married Martin Luther King Jr. 
she was an activist. A woman after God's on heart.

Like all great champions she stood on her word. 
head thrown back, chest pushed out feet flat on the ground, 
heart in the hands of God she marched on.

"She was a staunch freedom fighter," learned to function with pain and keep serving,"

She kept marching. She did not flinch. as she reached out to the human race"

The Beauty Black Jewel stood beside her husband in his finest hours. 
Mrs King was no doubt a strong female tower. I can't help but believe she pray within every hour.

Standing tall, beside her husband this woman was far from being a coward. 
She stood with Godly power, until the last hour.

She was at her husband's side as he received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964.

She marched beside him from Selma, Ala., into Montgomery in 1965 on the triumphant drive, 
for a voting rights law. stood with her husband in his finest hours trying to bring truth to the light. 
As the help "Meet" she was Ordain to be, God invested in her that super Companion Power. 
To help her endure all those painful years, and hours.

Our First Lady Coretta Scott King wore her grief with remarkable grace,

Nowhere in history can she be declared a disgrace,

No matter what she had to Face she held her head high

And did not hide her face. As she stepped forward for the human Race. 
She's one of the most influential figures in the struggle for civil rights. 
Fought all her life for what she felt was right.

The first lady of the civil rights movement died
in her sleep
At the rip blessed age of 78,
Yes she was a supportive lieutenant to her husband,
the late Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.,
After his assassination in 1968,
she carried on his work while raising their
children alone.
Once more Coretta Scott King proved a righteous
woman,leaving Her foot steps in the sand,
just as she had when she stood by her man.
Her legacy lives, imprinted clearly

She fought the good fight,
until she heard the call
When the Lord sent His angels to bring her home.

Mrs. King "is not history because she is dignified,"
Sharpton said.
"Yes, she was dignified. Yes, she had grace. Yes, she was regal,
but that doesn't make her history.
She is history because she stood up for what was right."
no matter what she had to face.
The Beautiful Queen stood bright in the
Light of God's sight.

Mrs. King lay in honor in the state Capitol's rotunda.
The first woman and the first black person to lie in honor there,
loved by folks everywhere.
She will be missed and her legacy will be carried on.
Alone will Rosa Parks and all the other women God have called on.

Free at last, free at last. Gone Home to be with The Father

Coretta Scott King's Free at last. Visualizing her on the angels wings
I saw the heavens opening to welcome her in
the voice of her second love, Dr. King rang loud
for the universe to hear "I Had a Dream"
we'd be Meeting in heavens with the True King
His arms opened wild welcoming her home.
I could hear the Father saying unto her
well done my child, come, rest now child,
she'd passed the test.
Here's tribute to one of Gods blessed saints, and best
Finally receiving some earned rest.

Coretta Scott King: 1927-2006 by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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