by Catherinebutterfly


a state of confusion, running here and there,
split by present generation of young and old
killing the body filled with immorality costing
their souls,
claiming to be Godsí people , they are running to hell,
cause truth is something most of them donít tell.
donít know, canít tell. Know, canít tell,
donít tell.
All that can possibly await them is hell.
Yet cussing and swearing filled with hate,
Leading the people inside Hell's gate.
ministers and clergies teaching confusion,
and lies,
the people are filled with fear, .
Of death and when theyíre to dies.
filled with immorality more every day,
convicting the souls and throwing the people away.
Leading ungodly men to hell, would be all right one might think,
if the ungodly chose not to do right.
But when the leaders are teaching untrues,
and allow the flock to disobey the rules,
cause they just want their tithes and dues.
unable to achieve salvation for truth does not abided
it got to start in the head and work to the heart?
Does it?
pray daily for truth will avail
those working iniquity will fail
under handed workers, can not stand,
they have got to get right or they will destroy all men.

This generation needs to be
among the leaders, and those in authority,
should be able to hold up their heads,
should be able to identify the truth from a lie,
should be able to walk among the living 
and live a Christian life and not die.
should be happy to hear what the elderly say,
and do as they are told to with out worry and
lip about the things not going their way.

leaders a sad end

dragging the flocks into hell as they lead them in.
Torn by contradictions of true-s and falsest,
had they read the truth laid before them for
Bended their knees, and believed, they wouldnít be
paying the cost.
Believing, practicing, knowledge and understanding is a must.
Living in a stage of cognition.
So much superstition.
So much false hood.
But rejecting the truth, done only by the
ignorance cause they have got the proof,
that God is real, and heís a live, and he ainítí accepting
no one on the way side.

Christianity by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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