I Can't Wait

by Catherinebutterfly

    I Can't Wait
    I can't wait till the day
    That God will wipe away
    Every tear from our eyes,
    And stop the lips of those lying.
    Heal the blind and make them whole
    Open the eyes of the rich as they can see
    Their gold was not for fine clothes and great jewelry;
    And luxury
    But children with fat stomachs,
    And bulging eyes
    Children that have yet to smile
    Many will say I need to stop crying
    And complaining about what others need to do.
    I don't tell them to do anything I don't do.
    For to my own self I must be true.

    On judgment day we will see
    Children of the Father with Him
    As He intended them.
    Those same children you walked pass
    When asked for money or food you got mad
    Declaring yourself Christians you made
    the Father look Super bad.

    Yes God will wipe away all tears.
    All lying and all insincerity
    He's gonna take His own
    To Jesus Mansion that He's mention
    now prepared for the homeless and misfits
    As He and His angels carries
    His children home
    Carrying the meek and less fortunate as
    they can rest
    For truly the meek He promised is blessed..

    The brightness will shine throughout all eternity
    While Jesus and His righteous brides dance alone
    The Highway of Heavens as He'd pick them up
    Flowing smoothly moving on.
    Carrying his faithful, loving servants and children home.
    For God don't intend to leave a one of His own behind..

    I can't wait until that day
    When Jesus comes
    And turn to you and you and ask.
    How is it He entrusted in you his children to feed
    Until His return, and you give them back to Him
    underfed, unfed, near dead?

    I can't wait till the day
    When Jesus comes and all
    This will be taken away.
    There'd be no more homeless
    No rotted eaters of flesh
    And the world won't be in this ugliness.

    I can't wait till that day
    When death and destruction will be rolled away
    No more, no more,
    No more pain, no more death,
    No more abuse, no more misuse
    When Jesus Christ comes.
    Neither will mourning nor outcry lie at our door
    No more pain.
    No more grieving and no more shame.
    When Jesus comes for His bride.
    Sometimes I wonder will there be five.

I Can't Wait by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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