The Big Nose

by Catherinebutterfly

Walking down the street the other day.
I heard a girl tell a boy to ˘get back, get out of my way.÷
˘You big nose, ugly devil÷ she said, ˘don't ever come÷
˘Near me with your nappy head÷.
He dropped his head, tears formed in his eyes
As he fought not to cry
While all the others ran laughing by.

I stood and watched him for a moment or two
I wanted to see what he would do.

As he slowly walked over to the bench and took a seat
I could see the pain and all that hurt that he tried to hide inside.

God created the original man in the continent of Africa I said.
He had to start with some big noses like that one sitting in front of your head
When He blew into man's nostrils. He was blowing nations in him.
My son if only they knew how God created them.

He was blowing lives into man when He blew into him,
So He had to get the largest nostrils to do the job
Blowing lives into a small nose would have been rather hard.

He blew into his nostrils the breath of life
And man became a living soul. These things little girl donĂt know.
So to you my little African brethren:
Don't be ashamed of your nose for you are
Fearfully and wonderfully made.

Even if those that do not understand called you names
They too came from a big nose man.
And let me tell you something else you need to know
Many scholars believe that God's image doesnĂt exist in man's
body which was formed from the earthly matter.
Man kind is some strange fellows
Some say that it wasn't the actual image it was just
a word that others threw in it.
But if God said that He made man in His image
for some reason,
He started forming His image in a continent
that we know today as Africa the place
Where you come from.
My little brother, I want you to chalk it off as the sister
Being unlearned and young.

For some reason that is where He God began creation.
A place where the people are starving and dying
from sickness and oppressions

As you grown, you will come to learn and understand
some things concerning oppression:
When the oppressor comes,
he takes your knowledge.
So little sister doesnĂt know any better.
SheĂs running around laughing with the others because
she just does not know the way you look
Is God concern.
And you are the apple of His eye and one day that
laughing might leave her crying.
And a big nose man sheĂll be glad to find.

SheĂs the kind that runs to the oppressors
for their blessings and cut down those that
can do her the honor of giving her a better life,
the kind like you that would make her an
honest woman and wife.

When they burned the libraries in order to burn
your culture.
They burn your source of information,
and in our school it isnĂt taught
So your little friend girl never gave
your appearance the Godly thought.

Therefore, like the oppressor
she made you feel like the inferior people,
But you need to know my little brethren from
you came heart surgeons, architects, scientists
and geniuses.
You are recorded in the Scriptures.
If you but read you will find the Black man
have been here since the beginning of time..

But with each reading give God the Praise and bow your head
and bend your knees. And while you are at it pray for that
little girl.
That God opens her eyes and let her see.
True beauty lies within you and I as God intended it too.

I pulled myself up off the bench,
pulling another napkin from my purse
Looked at the young brethren with the glimpse in his eyes.
As he stood up, walked over to the grass,
bended down and picked up a hand full of dirt.
and surpringly this is what he said:
"Hello Mother Earth this is your son.
One day I am going back to Africa to save my people.
One day IĂll tell them why they are so oppressed,
What will you tell them my brethren? I asked.
I'd tell them it is because others know We are the blessed.
Thank you lady.... he said to me.
Thank you for telling me about me.
Just know I am going to be from this day on
the best big nose I can ever be.

The Big Nose by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 1985. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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