Before I Was Conceived!

by Catherinebutterfly

Before an architect constructs a building,
He meticulously puts every detail on paper,
This saves him time and confusion by the way
One could be amazed with the work that can
Be produced in a day
If we follow rules and do what the rules say.
We would be like the great architect
Instead of being this living wreck
On paper the architect places every component
Needed to make his dream into a reality.
This is what God meant for me and you
Like the architect this is what we need to do
But first we must be to our own self true.
This is the way all of us true co-creators are to create
The idea is first to be conceived in our mind,
We must believe that we can conceive
Instead of stepping out blind
We must know that we can in our own mind
If we but take time, then transfer our ideas on paper,
When we create, everything would be just perfect I am sure,
Just as the architect start the process of building his creation.
We should follow sue…We meaning me and you.
In my own limited understanding of Gods creation process,
This is how I imagine it to be.
At least this works for me.
For Christ is the Greatest Architect known to man.
Following His guidance we all will stand
Instead of walking around all confused and blind
As I first conceived the desire in my mind,
And with great thoughts of love
Allowing Christ filling my heart, as He’s
Blessing my life and my mind, I find my life more potent
My affairs more content, as daily I die, for daily I repent.
And my will becomes totally God sent.
Christ chart every detail of my DNA before He created me
And sent me my mother’s way.
See He is preparing me for the time when He would form
Me in my mother’s womb.
This is what we need to teach our off-springs
Instead of calling them all those un-godly things
We’d find our self raising better and
greater godly human beings
What a wonderful thought I find to know
That the God of the universe knew me intimately
And set me apart for His purposes even before
I was conceived!  Mothers, fathers, this is real
Feed your children with the golden rules
One of the Greatest Architect most important rules
And fewer of our children we will loose
If we but train them up from the womb.
Before I was conceived
Before you were conceived
Before they are conceived
Speak life instead of death
Before you bring them into this mess
Giving them to the Father you’ll know
They are blessed.

Before I Was Conceived! by Catherinebutterfly

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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